United States of America

Visit the United States of America diamond jewelry industry" central"
New York Manhattan forty-seventh Main Street, is to be known to all the world diamond jewelry street. This is known as the United States of America diamond jewelry industry" central".

China News Agency reporters recently into the street, trying to uncover the mysterious veil American diamond industry, explore the tens of billions of dollars back, what is the secret of hidden in them.plastic bags

" Central " and " headquarters" -- New York diamond dealers club, hidden in the street a very modest building. The club was founded in 1931, has just had a history of 80 years. It is currently the most important diamond jewelry trading places, but also for the global industry to provide various consulting services.

Diamond business club is located heavily-guarded. The reporter entered must accept the security, reached the top floor will accept the security check, to enter the trading hall. Trading hall was a massive separated glass doors.

The reporter sees, trading hall interior furnishings and library reading room is like, traders sat in the hall whisper to one another, occasionally with diamond, under the lights look. They may seem like a chat, inadvertently completed a multi-million dollar deal.

Diamond dealers Club Executive Director, Dr. Hawke 's ( Martin Hochbaum ) in the business hall of China News Agency reporters, diamond New York state's first major export commodities, diamond jewelry industry for New York and even the national economy influence is increasingly outstanding. Diamond exchange function also more and more.

He thinks, current and European financial situation is not stable, to the contrary, diamond jewelry industry provides favorable development space, diamond jewelry in the economic downturn of the moment was shown to be the important value of investment goods.costume jewelry

Hawke Graham said, the club is the scale of expansion, also began to attract Chinese traders. A lot of diamond jewelry in the United States after processing is put on the Chinese mainland and Hongkong markets, very popular with the local consumers.

He then lead the reporter visited the 47 street a few famous jeweller diamonds. Most of them are be handed down from age to age, inherited the shop at the same time, also inheritance rules. The goods they sell are distinct, there are 50 to 100 dollar cheap goods, there is also a high amount to thousands of dollars, and even the need for" private bargaining" high-grade goods.

70 year old Jewish jeweler Ben Mose ( Ben Moses ) lifetime love diamond jewelry making. He told reporters he produced all kinds of jewelry, which are strange and eccentric work: a diamond ring inlaid with a small coin of eighteenth Century; another pair of bracelets carved galloping horses.

Mose said, his family for generations are engaged in jewelry production and trading business, to escape the Nazis during World War II, fled to the United States from europe. He felt able to survive, but it is really lucky, determination of the rest of your life hard for customers to create jewelry.

Mose proudly told reporters he had just received a customer a check in the mail:" look, $3000, not bad."

The jeweler Geoff Levine ( Jeef Levin ) store opened in 1937. He is the main distribution of various diamond, and combined with the surrounding 15 jewelry stores as part of a trade association, one is to prevent looting, more important is to share information.

Levine, more and more Chinese tourists to his jewelry stores to buy merchandise," which ten years ago is completely unthinkable". He said, China's national strength increased, the people have the ability to purchase diamond jewelry.

Hawke Graham said of China, that China has become the United States diamond jewelry industry 's important cooperation partner. He said, he recently received a" central" to American industry from China diamond business delegation. He said, is willing to put the experience to the Chinese counterparts, common to revitalize global diamond jewelry industry.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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