sufferer enjoy low protect

The nation supports moxa Zi the sufferer enjoy low protect
Wen Jia Bao says that moxa Zi the patient of the disease should get government concern, social care and love.Government and society want to to the utmost help to solve their actual difficulties to the responsibility;The department concerned wants to hold firmly a research to subsidize the concrete way of basic living expenses appropriately.

December 1 is the day of the 24th moxa Zi disease in world.Medium totally central political bureau often Wei and State Department premier, Wen Jia Bao, arrive at the Chinese disease prevention control centre this afternoon and investigate the moxa Zi disease preventing and curing.And research personnel, medical worker and volunteer representative and infected personses and relevant international organization representative group discussion, and exclusively hear other parts of country to come to city to appeal for higher authorities help the crowd's opinion.

Wen Jia Bao successively investigated virus and immunity to study laboratory and three ratio laboratory, visited a national moxa Zi disease preventing and curing picture exhibition, met United Nations Deputy Secretary-general and United Nations moxa Zi the Planning Department of the disease carry out a director the west Di shell.Later on, Wen Jia Bao invites the west Di shell to take part in group discussion together.

Wen Jia Bao says that the our country moxa Zi disease preventing and curing obtains achievement very greatly, draw up 《moxa Zi disease prevention and cure regulation 》programs and strongly pushes forward prevention and cure medicine and immunity vaccine research to offend a pass and carried out "four don't need a to be concerned with ?" policy and continuously enlarges a salvage in the middle of prevention and the control moxa Zi disease with long term.Most is important of BE, we chase prevention and cure moxa Zi the work publication of the disease, extensively publicizee education in the whole societieses, get rid of the bias toward moxa Zi patient's hard, give it the equal treatment.Current our country moxa Zi disease dissemination already from absorb a poisonous dissemination for the lord change for sex spread for lord.To hard tally up effective measure draw lessons from and study foreign experience, go deep into to develop a prevention and cure work, raise moxa Zi the prevention and cure work of the disease quality and level.

The other parts of country comes to the moxa Zi that the city appeals for higher authorities helps the infected person of the disease represent little Chen and old Zhang Deng put forward in the speech and hope to face the moxa Zi disease infected person's community and they the difficulty for facing, help they solve a life and seek medical advice difficulty.Wen Jia Bao says that the infection moxa Zi disease is unfortunate, moxa Zi the patient of the disease is the most difficult in the social community, should get government concern, social care and love.Government and society want to to the utmost help to solve their actual difficulties to the responsibility.The moxa Zi disease high fad region wants to increase amount in the fixed-point hospital and passes "university section, small comprehensive" mode and provide with urgent surgical operation facilities equipments, organization hospital consultation etc., effort solution sufferer's surgical operation difficult problem.The patient opportunity sex appeal that passes medical treatment salvage's solution to the moxa Zi disease in the high fad region first in 2012 dyes treatment expenses personal bear an over-weight problem.To adjust basic medicine catalogue increase moxa Zi the virus and anti- opportunity sex appeal of the disease dye treatment drugs category.The department concerned wants to hold firmly a research to subsidize the concrete way of basic living expenses appropriately, hard for be subjected to moxa Zi the child of influence of the disease provide a basic life to guarantee, on an equal footing opportunity to educate and the medical treatment condition of convenience.The nation is enlarging funds devotion and support will match conditional moxa Zi everywhere patient all of the family bring into city country low protect, raise subsidy level.State Department will send an inspector set and leave for the moxa Zi disease high fad region, speed up to carry out various policies and work out the problem in the work.

The infectious disease hospital Zhao Qing Xia of Henan reflects moxa Zi the disease prevent and cure a front-line medical worker to lack a medical treatment guarantee mechanism.Wen Jia Bao says;Should study to bring the moxa Zi far-gone blood relation occupation revelation into the occupational disease scope as soon as possible, give an industrial injury guarantee;In the meantime, the research prevents and cures a grass-roots moxa Zi disease the front-line personnel's post subsidy or work budget bring into public finance budget.

Wang Jian Wei's suggestion in the Chinese medical science science, hospital, the enlargement moxa Zi disease defends to control science and technology to offend strength for pass.Wen Jia Bao says overrunning the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure hard nut to crack, basically wanting near science and technology.To quickly develop diagnosis to try and examine equipments and virussafe drugs control the virus characteristics of the our country moxa Zi disease, with the result that the mechanism of the disease, spread regulation etc., close follow international research make progress, make great effort to fight for a vaccine research to have breakthrough.

Infected person and volunteer Wang Xiao Dong wait to hope the government adopts measure and gets rid of the bias toward moxa Zi patient's, value society organization at moxa Zi the function in the prevention and cure of the disease.Wen Jia Bao says that people's dismay to the moxa Zi disease results in the bias toward the infected person.The whole societieses want exactitude to realize a moxa Zi disease, science prevents and cures a moxa Zi disease and forgives and cares and loves moxa Zi the infected person of the disease, this is finally to win moxa Zi the social foundation of the disease.To hold firmly to clean up current law laws every have the item of bias, all want to hold firmly emendation.The infected person of moxa Zi disease wants to summon up courage, the passion lives, actively integrates into a society and contributes for society.He emphasizes winning a moxa Zi disease, needing the joint effort of whole societieses.In recent years, social organization and volunteer of participation moxa Zi disease preventing and curing quickly increase.They make use of oneself advantage, developed many preventions and care work and gave more support to their works.

The west Di shell and World Health Organization halt China to represent blue Rui's clear etc. to give high evaluation to the result that the Chinese moxa Zi the disease preventing and curing obtains, and work well the next move work to put forward opinion and suggestion.Wen Jia Bao says that the moxa Zi disease has no national boundary and win moxa Zi the disease need whole mankind's joint effort.The Chinese government wishes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, share result and experience with the international community and the international organization, for carry out the vision of zero moxa Zis in the worlds to do our contribute.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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