Seven years of love

In this sad and beautiful winter months, from my youth in thin foot and, through the Corydalis, through the hibiscus, through appear and disappear eventually is sad and impermanence. I really don't know at this time I who should write something good, just feel had hitherto unknown pain, pain, I can't see my life, my pain do not have enough courage to face all the pain, but also with a happy heart to conceal the pain of the wound, the pain I,,, feeling if you speak words choked up, looked out of the window, today the weather is very good, the good is hitherto unknown, but thought the conversation last night, I have no reason to give their own interpretation of it is a dream, is an I sleep disturbed while doing a nightmare, even the dream also think to do is twenty years the most unforgettable remember dreams, and is converted to a realistic dream, I don't want to cheat myself, I don't want to what is done cannot be undone when he said to himself, no, this is all a joke is a test, however after hearing that sentence like lead weights words, severely hit my psychology and most fragile barrier, what I can for their retaining the continuous emotional fragmentation, what I can for their losing emotional pursuit of the soul? I still have what can go alone with lonely love for pale love!? Ah, ah, ah,,,,,,, my mind kept deep cry, once every morning and evening, now broken up, shout oneself hoarse to call, but the huge living space is always my voice return, seems destined to the previous way of this section to part company each going his own way, I am not do not understand love will have different way, but did not think of in front of me was that this is a result of, or remember the last time blessing: wish our emotional stability, wish my academic success, wish you success in work, but, this time is not very fast., only one month, only one month! I follow you Xueyeyoucheng, just try not to waste my life according to your word, emotional stability, adjust your emotional shortcomings, however, things are not what I want to be so perfect, there is lack, be at a loss what to do with lost and helpless and scared.Now my heart is still difficult, because when unable to walk down the road, I feel I can recall the past, however, think always let me pain no effort in thinking of the past, but it seems like air erosion my every pore, until all converge to the bottom of my heart in such a situation, I endure bear, besides suffering is being tortured, after all, if less one person company, I really don't know can find a way for my heart quiet walk, I know that I am walking alone, ignoring all of existence, so it don't know how it would be, remember once wrote a poem is perhaps what I now portrayal. " Wandering life, waiting for a feeling of home, the silly waiting for, and then into the heart, if do not forget, because I am afraid to not think of you, perhaps, you would say; do not be afraid of forgetting, don't think I look like, you are my heart jump but black smile hurt, perhaps, too much of the past to you as to my leaving imagination!"
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-29 18:47

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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