listenning to the person

The telephone rang out, listenning to the person of telephone was the most close person for he or she and say what, chat own ideal, chat own living condition, or don't chat anything, much time, we all dummy, two men chat what, dream?Living?Money?Power and influence?Woman?An aged forty, the person of a teenagers, isn't a years to make us be getting more silent, we still keep liking to touch the voice of cup, do one cup, come to one cup again, one mouthful stem.Or the most close woman for oneself, slowly we each other the one who became to listen to, have of chat, say what all good, here have no topic, very lucid.But also unavoidably lived to give we are too many vicissitudes of lifes, you will can't in these time is counting down own tears, count to count, have already canned not reckon how many, or in the time in New Year's Eve dinner of you and father, have nothing at all says and only touches the voice of cup, probably is the time in kitchen, hear the mother shout and take down this for me, I without extra trouble the affair a while, I with mother of bad of not only only is a distance of head, but the weight of years.I imagine and be I carry to wrap to go home, the heart is very complex and looking at daddy's mama to sit on the doorway to lean on to hope, a "daddy, mama, I came back."Daddy's mama says" comes back good."poly bag manufacturer

In times before, talk to talk and then can not help smiling with friend, is not is living ridiculous;On looking back, now, I say with friend that say, the tears came out, is not is live too bitter.BE be not, we don't understand a life in times before, the life gave us sweet, but now, slowly we understood a life, originally the life isn't one cup beverage, just formerly the other people added some sugar in our life, is sweet, we left them now, oneself become sugar of person, but we usually forgot to sugar now, because life is one cup coffee, some people but at bitterness in have a good time, but some people at bitterness in collapse after one setback, but my life has a bitterness to contain joy.Much time, I like to replace a life with one cup wine and there is the strong and there is the light, but drink, however always can enjoy in retrospect.But now, slowly we like to play trick, some funs are small, some funs are big, but I always don't like fun, because I don't know what fun is, how should comprehend, say it is a kind of humor and still say that it is a kind of false, is add nutrition for life?Still rather say is that I don't have sense of humor, this humor goes to the humor, the fun comes to fun to go, what to play with is oneself, slowly interpersonal remained fun for, on looking back, passed by for many years, you again return to give it a bit of thought, you is not is was like fun to smile all of a sudden once, much boring.The real meaning that you misses it only added smiling of some surplus for you, but other people is in the wry smile, I morely like both parties knowing on smiling, understood everything, this is a kind of from inside but outside, is like the Nian of Buddha Zu and spends an and smiles, this Chan idea, and then several people understand, but we of fun?I mean to say, the fun anything but living nutrition isn't sugar of coffee, probably seriously some at last the salt flavor in the wound, or the bitter taste in the jewelry

In fact, be we are placed in not quick of time, or low fall of time, our hearts want to be returned to nature and only have with attain naturally harmonious and consistent of time, our hearts become naturally Be getting more thrilling, slowly become lucid.In winter, is a good season, I still keep still keeping thinking of so a mountain, there can climb mountain as well as hope far.I remember there is a well there, the person of periphery, climb to climb mountain, the thing take to hold water, or simply pick a load of son, the one step is a stairs and floatingly run about a mountain.Yonder tree Weng Weng Yu Yu, high short of, but have a kind of open and spacious felling again, the cleft is very big, the body is in the forest, be like place oneself among the bamboo grove.Walking on the road is like a countryside path, very the thou is plain.I remember that I still counted to ascend a mountain at that time the mountain contained a few stairs, I still counted a mountain to arrive summit of hill and had how much stairs.We can quickly of the one breath strut about ground to by leap and bound climb mountain summit of hill from the mountain, then pour at flat of of mountain grass, especially on the time in evening, you can see be suffused with a yellow felling, under the setting sun west of felling.Going to summit of hill is still flat and spacious of, although lost the taste that the summit of hill should have,have a kind of special style, old man now, kid, can play around here, from the summit of hill the side hopes pass by be east, is also the place that the sun rises, the time in dawn, a turn of dizzy and red ray of light slowly cuts and falls a Cape, again from a kind of dizzy and red become and be suffused with white, a kind of joy can not speech.hong kong restaurants

Much hope, looking at setting sun under the west every day, and then stay by the side a rising of the sun.

The youth is a kind of fine, but be not on cultivating flowers, because the youth doesn't sprinkle to infuse out with water, that is falsely, what we pursued is true.Often, we need urge on, so you just may walk more far, tired of time, footstep please stop you, Xie Xie, unimportant, inside is unending, the outside one day there will will arrive peak.Positive because the youth is a kind of fine, fine thing, will have been already withered away in some time, will have already declined, so more fine,wedding dresses
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All time is no time when it is past.

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