strength champion singer

Recently, "strength champion singer" music in Guangzhou's making awards ceremony had already fallen a purdah, in making awards the performance link of ceremony situation the hinterland of"break to take a door" female singer"S princess" Xu Sha with his hot hot dance Zi, sexy shape, thin settle the hold lived the spirit field of satge drive net friend hot argument, recently, Xu Sha is generous to show a satge on the tiny Bo up"bring calamity" of full dress, the net friend leaves a message voice support to call "full dress is very beautiful" in succession.poly bag manufacturer

Xu Sha whom the singer is from once was a hinterland front line to combine clear Jun girl captain way, combined to dismiss behind, made a contract the hinterland well-known agent company sea smooth showbiz by personal identity, and started in movie circles and Zhan dew head in circle of singers Cape.Movie 《rich and honored daughter 》medium play a spicy stewardess, subsequently in the youth aim high movie 《the princess' temptation 》in the impersonation has no confident"beer younger sister".This time three choose the song that"strength champion singer" makes awards ceremony is exactly 《princess 》the theme song is sung on stage by Xu Sha of 《the princess' temptation 》, and with one action win "the best dancing song" prize."Break to take a door" the video frequency cause many hot arguments to net friends after being up spread each big website by the net friend, the net friend describes with"thin settle elder sister" in succession the Chinese fir slowly faces the town of bursting the condition quiet self-composed.Recently, slowly the Chinese fir spread to"bring calamity" dance dress photograph on own tiny Bo more, anecdotage matter hair of also very flurried for an instant, but in no case will evade, have to the hold live this kind of small accident on the satge.Net friend in succession the voice support call dance dress very beautiful.

The Chinese fir of this time Xu is in making awards ceremony because of dance the dress fall almost walks only cause a net friend, "person's meat" searches, and is Xu Sha Re hot dance Zi and sexy shape and talk to certainly annoy place attraction, cause a hot argument on the network, however the net friend thinks this is artificial stir-fry to make, to this, Xu Sha is calm to face and again make a show of the elegant appearance of "thin settle elder sister".According to know, Xu Sha Shen plays of two movies 《rich and honored daughter 》and 《the princess' temptation 》will soon also parachute each big cinema in the whole country in jewelry
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All time is no time when it is past.

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