Engineering plastics

The general can bear a definitely outside dint function and have good machine function and bear Gao, low temperature function, the size contains better stability, can used to the plastics of engineering structure, if gather Mao An, gather Mao...etc..

Engineering plastics
Is again divided into plastic bag manufacturertwo major types: its in general use engineering plastics and special kind engineering plastics in the engineering plastics.

The in general use engineering plastics includes:Gather Mao An, gather a formaldehyde, polycarbonate and change sex to gather benzene ether, hot Su polyester, extremely high molecular weight to gather ethylene, A radicle E Xi polymer and ethylene Chun totally and gather a thing etc..

The special kind engineering plastics separates hand over unite the not handing over of the type allied type again.Hand over to unite a having of type:Gather an ammonia radicle double Ma Lai Mao An, gather three Maos and hand over to unite to gather the Mao second An and heat-proof wreath oxygen tree to point etc..Don't hand over to unite a having of type:Gather Mao,toilet facial paper maunfacturergather ether Mao and gather benzene sulphur ether, gather the Mao second An and gather ether ether Tong(PEEK) etc.

③ Special kind plastics
Generally mean to have special kind function, can used for the plastics of the aviation, and aerospace...etc. special application realm.Have to outstandingly bear heat such as the fluorine plastics and the organic Huo, from lubricate etc. special effect, strengthen plastics and foam plastics to have high strength, and high buffer...etc. special function, these plasticses all belong to the category of special kind plastics.

a.Strengthen plastics:
Strengthen plastics raw material is in shape canning is divided into a grain-like in shape(such as the calcium Su strengthen plastics), fiber form(if glass fiber or glass cloth strengthen plastics), slice-like in shape(if the mica strengthens plastics)3 kinds.Pressing the material can is divided into the cloth radicle strengthens plastics(if the ground cloth strengthens or the asbestos strengthen plastics) and has no machine mineral to fill the plasticshong kong attractions(if quartz or mica fill plastics), fiber to build up plastics(if the carbon fiber strengthens plastics)3 kind.

b.Foam plastics:
The foam plastics can is divided into hard quality, the half hard quality and soft foam plastics is 3 kinds.The hard quality foam plastics doesn't have pliant and tough and compresses degree of hardness very and greatly and only attain definitely in response to the dint value just creation transform, in response to dint relief behind can not recover original shape;The soft foam plastics is rich with pliant and tough and compress degree of hardness very small, transform very easily, in response to dint relief behind can recover original shape, destroy remaining to transform smaller;Pliant and tough and other functions of the half hard quality foam plastics lie between the hard quality and the soft foam plastics.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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