GDP China's increasing

Next year GDP China's increasing soon will decline to 8.4%

Releasing will ascend an estimate, GDP in Chinese this year increases soon for 9.1% and will fall to 8.4% next year;This year's CPI's increasing soon will be 5.3%, will fall to 4.5% next year.

"I feel to say to compare with a few before the months, inflation pressure already reduce, economic next risk mainly embodiment in the depravation of environment in the exterior, and real estate profession if suddenly appear abrupt adjustment, may face under go of risk."pearl jewelryHe points out to the reporter of this report and suggests that the government keeps to hesitate and the vivid of the policy.

He discovers in the meantime that tending along with the flourishing national need is weak, China is importing in the world in of quota increment, become in the world important[one] need source day by day.China changes direction increment consumer goods import and also makes manufacturing industry exporter in East Asia benefited from it.

The stock certificate of Rui silver Chinese chief economist Wang Tao also approves this kind viewpoint, she is giving out the this report reporter's report middle finger, because exit and economy of China are slowing down gradually, and the government still leaves behind in the processing previous incitement policy of some negative effect, therefore the government will keep careful and keep policy from relaxing lead quick lead fierce.She anticipates to believe in 2012 the loan limit will raise to 8(anticipate to carry out 7.3 in 2011~7.4 dollars), the budget deficit will increase to GDP 2.5% or so, but the policy keynote can't appear obvious variety.

"In China, the policy relaxs to usually tighten to want easily and get much than the policy, because relax a policy, the benefits of central government, local government and bank very easily reach unanimously.freshwater pearlBecause the local government is changing currently, but a new leadership actors of one troupe is taking a post the first year(2012) to usually have investment tendency more, requesting central government to relax the pressure of policy has already risen.Under this background, the central government of the few months will may is caution particularly and avoid releasing to too and severely relax signal in the future."Wang Tao thinks.

《Report 》estimate, floods the circumstance that indetermination and global growth slows down in Europe under, the actual GDP growth of developing country in East Asia anticipates to 8.2%(if don't include China then for 4.7%) and anticipates to 7.8% in 2012 in 2011.Inside need and is biggest to wait the income national economic growth to contribute in East Asia, but turn to drive as usual in the public finance monetary policy under is slowing down gradually.

In fact, concerning how is stimulating a growth and guard against of global indetermination influence to look for a balance point, is the whole East Asia decision maker to currently trap a bureau.Future East Asia of the World Bank and chief economist Huo man in Pacific Ocean region Man points out to the reporter of this report, , East Asia nation will face the environment of long-term low growth.Time in 6~9 future months in,golden south sea pearl include European bank letter loan, flourishing national excrescent monetary policy at inside of the financial realm motion is majority of problems that the East Asia nations need to be faced.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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