business is prosperous

Career geomancy:How let you of the business is prosperous
If a person is just virtuous to have, that lets go an usage;

If a person is just virtuous to have no, that develops an usage;

If a person has no virtuous have just, that limits an usage;

If a person has no virtuous have no just, that refuses an usage.

Suppose you are a current virtuous have just again of person, you can meet 1 to make you be satisfied with of good boss?In fact, we see, a lot of elitists include "sea turtle" to find out few with the bosses that oneself match, the difficult idea of not a few people also usually the effect is so-so;Even if is hunt head's getting involved useless.

Where is the problem ?How find out 1 "match"s with you of good boss?

Reason learns to tell us and sees from the career circumstance of geomancy calculation person, office furniturea person's occupation appearance is as close and related as the spirit field of oneself.In other words, you live of the house house appearance strive for a job to work with you related;You of the layout of office(unit or in home) can meet with you 1 matches with you of the good boss is more vitally related.

Geomancy's paying attention to back has been already depended, ex- have brook, behind have a hillside, transact environment for the most ideal reside.There is hillside behind being a powerful supporter, can hide breeze to gather spirit, the geography is also that"front low empress Gao" is steady like Mount Taishan.The front clear hall is spacious, the visual field is good, the brook is curved curved, just like "have feeling water";"The song then has feeling" slowly, nine song jades take to encircle to bring wealth, geomancy structure and form transact for the most proper reside, but the present city wants to seek this kind of conditional house to be very difficult.

Actually, "powerful supporter" learns the person of ancestors form as superior(from the officer) and boss(go into business) in the geomancy, you can find out a good boss with you of the powerful supporter is close and related.Suppose you of house house or transact following 1 kind or a few circumstances of location existence, so, very unfortunate, you belong to "powerful supporter"flower shop rickety or have no"powerful supporter", you again change employment don't also expect to meet a good boss.

This 10 kinds of circumstances that make you have no powerful supporter are:

The Gu is very:You of house house or transact to there is no powerful supporter in location, the mansion is very farer high than other whole houses to would be Gu.Through cloud:The breeze blows a head, descendant sorrow.

Bad very:You of house house or transact although the location has a powerful supporter, but depend of mountain not famous mountain, but the mountain stone Lin Xun and completely devastated poor mountain, this is very that a rather big place of the ferocious mien geomancy is bad.

The Jiao is very:You of house house or transact a location to before and very approach 1 to compare from already Gao greatly get many buildings.(But such as on the rear of mansion anti- then become a powerful supporter, make a Ji theory.)

Office desk:You of the office desk put before big window, oneself then carries on the back a window but sits.

Future:You of house house or transact the future back of location is a transparent glass window.

Den:You of house house or transact den table chair-back in location behind have no depend.

Sofa:You of house house or transact the sofa of location to have no wall to do a powerful supporter behind.

Fish tank:You of house house or transact the fish tank of location to put in the sofa back, the formation sways very.It is unappropriate to do the powerful supporter of back with water, because water is impermanent.

Stove cooking stove:If you are a female, so the stove cooking stove of your house house represents you, the behind of the stove cooking stove had better be a wall, if behind is the words of window, mean that the back has no to depend.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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