natural good skin

5 styles of Mi system hairdressing recipes keep a natural good skin
Use a natural delicacies match and then can keep a natural good skin mutually, would you like to try?Mix us everyday the most familiar natural food, can keep a beautiful and perfect skin, interior designso should how correct match a beautiful skin of these naturals of delicacies?With edit to come to lo lo together!

The Qiao takes a natural delicacies to keep a beautiful good skin hairdressing recipe:Brown sugar+milk=the body whet a sand cream

Add just the right amount of brown sugar in milk, periodical usage, can soften and clean skin surface of old discard horniness, the equal to and natural body whets a sand cream.

Hairdressing recipe:Sour milk+honey=the salvation flush a skin

Everyone knows that the sour milk honey emergency mask contains the function to nourish a skin, in fact hybrid take orally to still have other extraordinary effects, can smooth a town settle skin, improve the symptom that the skin flushes.

Hairdressing recipe:Red flower seed oil+sunflower oil=the skin of head cure

Changes the edible oil of home into red flower seed oil and sunflower oil, both alternately appropriate of edible, festival city iiyou will discover that the scurf will disappear to have no shadow Zong gradually.

The green tea can defer decrepitude to also moisten to hydrate hairdressing recipe:Green tea+water=hydrate

The effect of green tea is a lot of, in addition to the tea polyphenol that it contains has very strong anti- oxygenation, can help to defer decrepitude an outside.It still has the effect to moisten hydration!

Hairdressing recipe:Lemon juice+chamomile tea=lift bright hair color

Lemon juice has fair effect to skin and matches the lemon juice and chamomile tea together still has the effect to lift bright hair color.

In addition to above of these outside have some similar hairdressing recipe, they also have miraculous hairdressing effect, Xie salt+almond oil+cinnamon oil+sandalwood ethereal oil+the jade laurel oil equal to hand and foot department whets sand, rose ethereal oil and coconut milk mixs to take to keep a good skin that milk bathes.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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