building to stay monthly

Hong Kong star also rents building to stay monthly Hao to spend 100,000 to rent a house the meat pain is not
The HongKongness likes to place an industry, ground mean person many money are many, for this reason thing industry the price is always high, although the everyones all take placing an industry as glory,not a few people all like to rent a house to live.In the middle have of person really is temporarily can not have ability to place the industry "get on the car" and can rent building to live, but a lot of person's stars are also "long rent one clan".

Singer, Zhang Zhi Lin, is an among those"long rent" personage.The Yuan sings instrument and Zhang Zhi Lin this often moves new residence to the star husband and wife's recent years, after last year a blessing Hui mansion that moves into a month to rent more than hk$10000s 10 after, month they spend about hk$200,000 regardless of month again, a three people's secret moved into the high unit of shallow water gulf way 63 numbers whole sea view more than 200 square meters.According to know what happened a personage to reveal, the structure and form of that several-storied building is advantageous to this to add a baby again to the husband and wife of star.In addition, net in the school of the area's place is quite good, national school in Hong Kong to once the inhabitant in net in our school see colleague, regardless the inhabitant sons and daughters of for rent of sale be subjected to right of education can ensure.So also convenient Zhang Zhi Lin's son hereafter best school.

The little husband and wife keep 4 old mans how carry out to buy a car to buy the building festival arrives in close succession the Qiao is collected as treasure an article white spirit to change with the credit card finance mangaing the body finance mangaing lately spoils the degree finance mangaing market in the four seasons welcomes the new structure and form financial elite to change employment a cost number 100,000 expect January the following manage finance a nasty brake of product ex- Asian young lady department Ma Yan like to buy building to protect a value most , at our country hinterland Tienjin, Shanghai and Canada all own their his/her own thing industry, however the place that she lives in Hong Kong rent.Took charge of Ma Yan to say, her Sir was a Hollander, there is accommodation allowance in the company of Hong Kong, and these accommodation allowances speaks clear can not use to provide building, hence her 1 have been growing and rent in Hong Kong half mountain plum way Jia beautiful Yuan and significantly raise the rent because of the owner this year, her the entire family moves the west half mountain a big house of more than 240 square meters live.

Personage of Hong Kong real estate reveals, not a few high-quality thing industries in Hong Kong are what renting doesn't sells, the personage of some adoring some districts and special view is all rich to can not buy these houses, hence can pass to rent "heart water house".The reporter once went to Hong Kong west last year, nine Xis in the sky in the dragon luxurious residence covered, knew that 4 global famous investment banks will chase office in Hong Kong where around the world at the side of Xi in the sky trade square(ICC) up, these were monthly to spend since hk$100,000's renting the elite that the building lives be very likely to become for a sky, renting of Xi guest
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All time is no time when it is past.

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