sincerely stay

Nian dynasty Mu it mutually meets and sincerely stay Mo Li Mo to leave
She only Cui, allow a current affairs vicissitudes of life to become a cocoon, safely proper of.Look for at that time of stabilize, return to rather look for hospice of the one a life time.Meet you, the this present life then starts Jian Mo mum live life of refugee, allow heart drive setting up separatist regime of reality cruelty, allow dignity is thrown by you to give up in a long distance outside, allow to love humble like dust, just if in the clout thus destine, so I be still the place that can stay in the cape, read aloud your generation after generation.

When you shed tears for me of, I also decline.

At that time just fall in a blood-red rose, bewitchingly beautiful bloom.

The this present life thus has to with the end and entirely has no Han.


.Mo Ai, the life bitterness is short and allow customs to jolt Mo Yao sorrow.

I think thus ordinary years, there are no all people, the world then will pipe down.

I think that you the days after leavings will have never appeared such as you similar and safe.

But when if the white receives the telephone of home that a moment beginning, then feel, originally even if oneself wants to eliminate to stop, world also can't like what you expected.

If a kind of insect committed suicide, if Li a kind of insect is if the elder sister of white, the only an elder sister, treat if white best, childhood years of if the white is very weak, is humiliated by the big, elder sister even if is a girl, also station at if the white before suffers beating for him, don't let if white be subjected to one silk injury, certainly this just if white remember the deepest act just, in rushing through way home, if white of the elder sister's feature that have been throwing in in brain is that black-and-blue miserable sight, the nose is still very swollen to flow nosebleed, green a piece of purple a piece of on the face of, that time the elder sister still smiles to if white say, :"The white shouts, Be free, walk, go home with elder sister."

Since the childhood, if Li the elder sister once gave, besides which, white natural affection all restly and almost is zero, parents give of, just the havings of the material, but how also warmth not Li if the white small and weak heart for example enjoyed small Xi, very silly, but thus of paid.Surprisingly can make him have peace of mind by himself.Even if be not is of oneself, for the elder sister, that is his first woman of love, but that is just natural affection, happy small Xi, be regarded as the second, only care and love feeling.In fact the love is to will definitely occupy, just want to keep her company and looking at her happy, which fear her happy because of the other people.

Return to Hangzhou, keep to straightly rush about the hospital of elder sister's place, see mother's noodles expressionless facial appearance, don't know that she is always cold-blooded or really can't sees any to originally should concern and feel pity on to what sons and daughters had.Go straight to an elder sister nearby, the mouth side still wears an oxygen cover and still ties a needle tube on the ice-cold arm, pale face, if Li the white is seen eye in, painful at in the mind, strongly bore to soon drop down of tears.O.K. the salvage returns to the elder sister's life, the not so bad elder sister didn't leave.If had no an elder sister, probably, if the white really doesn't know future will be what appearance, now, definite should small smallly rejoice once, not so bad elder sister still at.

Hasn't been having the omen of suicide, if Li the white doesn't know the real reason that the elder sister commits suicide, original, wanted to wait an elder sister to wide awake to ask her again, the mother seemed to see and then spoke up.

"Your elder sister fell in love with a man that has Fu, and that of the man still has a kid, in commercial circles the He He has , man and your elder sister to love each other, but give not you elder sister's honor and duties, and, on a dancing party, that man's wife knew concerning your elder sister and that man's affair and humiliated your elder sister there and then, and that the man didn't volunteer to help as well of protect your elder sister, behind, your elder sister is always depressed and saw several side with that man, again after, , , , probably, is we didn't concern her too much, should make her live in us nearby of, can't take place this affair, either at least."

The Chan Chan that listens to a mother describes and looking at the elder sister's wrist again to up wrap up snow-white gauze, doing not understand a moment that the elder sister mows wrist is how of flimsiness, with how of the carriage affect her that wants to leave the decision in this world, the heart heavily shivered once and looking at the elder sister whom the obfuscation dided not come to, if white wants to keep her company and looking at she likes to get up.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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