The end of end

I once asked the someone"I calculated what in your in the mind" this sentence, until for a long time after of now, I just understand, when you can ask this sentence of time, you are in her in the mind already what all be not.

As for"friend" whom she answers-with as for afterwards I once wanted and then liked this stooded down with her as a friend.But probably a lot of time"unwilling" these three word head quarters make the heart dull pain.Accompany her sad sad, I rejoice to also give she comfortablely in the meantime heart but more painful …see her happy and happy, 強生洗頭水I hope forever while she is being such her happy but have nothing to do with me …
I tell her, I wait her here forever, her turning head is my figure, but she doesn't know, what my title sees is the scar that she leaves and see her once each time, the wound is once painful, can I am always lookinging at, because want to looking at she turn head to see one eye, which afraid just one eye …
My right here I tell myself, , she loves wound, harm.As long as she would like to, I can always make like this mean next go, until make mean to can station in her atrium, so the whole molestations all have no to me what greatly not, at least I know so she is also knowing painful …
I don't know to be trying to gain her a pity still a love like this.
Probably I am trampling my own self-respect,電器直銷中心 but I still want to accompany at her nearby, because I am afraid that she is sad no one will coax her and fear her happy no one will accompany her to share.I offer utmost effort to dissolve her sad, increase her happiness, then go to and adjust oneself is influenced by her of mood, tell her, my doesn't matter …
However I after all ain't a benumbed person, my emotion is taken by her whole amount to go, can my really beyond control I attain form inside such as a, say doesn't matter in mouth, but the in the mind is to have to call-after all you of happy sad because of someone, but that person but isn't me.You let how I listen to you again get off the heart you to me and his story.
I eat the next and very sour grape, but want to disguise a very sweet flavor to you, sorry, I can attain, can my tears can not do it.Smile of in the meantime drive sour to shed tears, the side smiles the drama that the side cries, I play not to come out …
I ever said to her, my telephone whole day switched on for her, I would like to be bothered by her at any time, I can get to the Internet to keep her chat company at any time, I absolutely at and at that time the message that return her, I can't become angry to her any further, I can't ignore her any further, and I will keep her company forever …
But, at the end of the end, I still kept leaving, because my unique didn't learn of BE:In the lasting end, academic association etc. wear she …
She ever said to me:Make me little to smoke cigarette, don't make me drink, don't make me get sick, let me have to be happy, don't make me sit up, let me look after good I, she finally says:Sorry …
But, at the end of the end, I 1 didn't attain, only because sorry, should be that I say just right …
I tell her that I don't believe predestination, Learn ChineseI don't believe distance, I don't believe to wait for …
However at the end of the end, I can not persuade I don't believe these again, if decree by destiny, if drew near distance, if need not wait for and isn't us can together …
She tells me, once wrote in book of diary full I, ever cried for me how much time, once wrote excessive little letter, once pulled my hand, once sat by the side of my body …
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-15 18:12

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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