Inebriate a cordiality

Big four, seem to be to everybody to come to speak, all so of fan Mang, anyway have peace of mind that time is such, she gets the other people's help each time and always feels to be like to hold tight lifesaving rice straw, always in mind and silently record some persons of well.

That day, all people all look at this lately- come bond maid, probably is the vision of owner be attracted to her look in the eyes of that purity, anyway all persons who were drawn on by her is said because of she of look in the eyes, because she after all had no outstanding outward appearance,改善耳鳴症狀just that double of write full purely true eyes really hanged up a person and pretty recruited a person painful of, is also that day, she among those people see 1 let her dependable eyes, but that eyes seemed some fool him.On the second day, puzzling of she is arranged to follow him, he fore the noodles isn't willing to manage him all the way and occasionally buy a bottle of water for her, teach he how work, in fine, have peace of mind be really lived for earthquake by this handsome man, is much more than an outward appearance, more is his artistic talent.

Having peace of mind comes back and then knows on that afternoon that this person will be married and had peace of mind in the crowd to smile to smile, not language.He delivers a message in the evening and"shine on my hair", a burst of touched, touched at his help, touched at his elaboration.Continue for several days, she is arranged to him and became his small disciple.

After a week, she canned not bear and finally and secretly told own good friend, she feels that she showed interest,春捂秋凍 but he wants to be married, hence silent strangle this viewpoint of method, calculate hair to deliver small grievance, but carelessly, she orders wrong keyboard, give out a giving out of friend.

If that kind of each other of love, that kind of is silent helpless, she love, he say after being drunk with wine and suddenly stabbed her heart, but she is understand, oneself how should do, she chose a wish.She sends him to walk and sends him to get married, but the first time in her life got drunk and then was born that night.

Get married, that is his commitment and responsibility to a person.Have peace of mind of cool, probably the nobody can understand, she also not need the person understands, but hopes that he understands, also not think that he understands.Gossip Fei language, will hurt everybody, so she has to make none of owner understood.

He marries and returns to invite everyone.That a lot of persons, but she was embarrassed, in entertaining willing, she drinks lousily to inebriate again, have been crying, the end is just dragged along by everyone to walk.That late wakes up, she swears that whole life can't get drunk again, because of pain of is oneself.Although he has already made a phone call that night, deliver a message to come over to say sorry, but she accepts to can not stand any further.

Have peace of mind to tell oneself that day, keep distance with him, because small three is a deeply bad her whole life pain to cut off of, is not likely to let oneself be ascend small three.But that day after, she accepted heart, but he beyond controlly inherits.

Each time night, he gets drunk wine each time, each time he not and satisfactorily, having peace of minds will hear so many words once wanted to hear, but have peace of mind to understand,女人養生 if oneself really also sinks into and cry so in the future of is much more than a person, is a flock of person who loves two people.So she chose elusion.

Had peace of mind to find out whole life by himself/herself all soon at look for of the person, meet for the first time, didn't suddenly move of felling, for the second time also have no, haven't even wanted to have the viewpoint to develop with him, just pure want to get in touch with a friend, but this is the so-called predestination and soon have peace of mind and then decide that whole life wanted with this person together and all said that chemisette heart's changing quickly and in fact isn't false either.

But the in the mind contain a position, have been existing to belong to a someone.Although she a lot of time is doubting that person's words, but in nine hate not to get up, because he after all really a lot of time at to she good, though sometimes make her feel is have a purpose, after all, he is really a piece of old
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All time is no time when it is past.

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