6 catties for 3 days

The honey reduces weight to drop 6 catties for 3 days
If the work the OLs of the busyness, want to pass to be on a diet or exercise to reduce weight and usually fail because of canning not insist.Underneath, the small plait recommends 3 kinds of very effective honey water for the MMs of love of beauty to reduce weight a method, let you need not hungry belly can easily and quickly reduce weight!LED small

Method essentials:early every day, noon, night three meals all is acted for with honey water or the honey tea, the whole distanceses aren't edible to drink other things.Reduce weight a period, edible the weight using the honey with 150-200 gs, at least eating a 150 g every day just accept to reduce weight of effect;If feel a belly hungry or weariness, can directly eat honey or drink honey water, ability instant replenishment body nutrient, refreshment.Dan cooking

Implementation number:reduce weight a method is the most ideal for three days to fat personage, periodically practice once monthly, like the weight super mark, want to reduce to be 10-20 pounds of, every month can carry on twice, at least light 6-7 pounds.Such as have already reduced truth to think a weight, want to prevent°from returning to play of, can choose to go to reduce weight a method for two days, practice twice then sufficient for a month.Want to adjust reason the appetite, clean bowel row poison of and suggest to be every week carry on reducing weight a method for a day.Do the friend of yoga, a day two meals are replaced with honey water, to health had better;But the half of a day one meal break a food method, aims at improvement physical endowment, would not° until keep on for three months to half year see reduce weight result.Owing to everyone physical endowment's being different, proper opinion for consulting nutritionist or doctor first.

Material:the material that need to be prepared is easy and include honey, tea and water.The flavor category of honey and tea can press personal taste but choose, but want to take the composition pure and unadulterated and the natural organic as good;Had better choose to drink mineral spring or decontamination water and don't contain high-quality water of miscellaneous quality.Each cup honey beverage's making weight is a 150 ml the clear water or tea join 1-2 spoon honeys;(about 10-20 gs)Carry on a meal single period, in great quantities drink clear water, have already helped a body row poison.Model Katrina once tries this meal list and indeed as expected saw the result of losing weight,

The first day:LED temptation

Early meal:honey water one cup

Noon meal:honey green tea two cups, one spoon honeys

Afternoon tea:two spoon honeys

Late meal:honey rose tea two cups

Feeling after trying:the afternoon feel a bowel department on the go and send out the voice of murmur murmur to ring, in the evening namely have the phenomenon of having a bowel movement.However the belly is all day long all empty, very not habit, one belly is then hungry to eat one spoon honey crest belly, however after eating, the slightly dizzy and hand goes limp feet soft circumstance soon disappear.

The second day:

Early meal:honey green tea one cup

Noon meal:honey mint tea one cup, one spoon honey

Afternoon tea:honey water one cup

Late meal:honey black tea one cup, one spoon honey

Feeling after trying:the second day, the belly is hungry to feel to ease a lot, start adapting to;And have a bowel movement the number of times Be getting more, the belly had no bulge Bu Bu felling.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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