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Debt crisis in Europe holds the G20 Feng meeting
If the emergence of debt crisis in Europe, probably G20 meetings will successfully of be over, but the ideal usually has a very big margin with reality.But on this G20 meetings, debt crisis in Europe and Greece became leading role.American president Ao Ba Ma and nation chairman Hu Jintaos of Chinas all have already continuously gone to France to take part in this of the G20 Feng meeting, the EU leaders to also hope that China and the United States can ascend to develop an important function at G20 Fengs.美味幹果滋補

American president Ao Ba Ma embarked "air force the first" to all through the night rush through to France yesterday evening.But before the Ao expects a horse to rush through to France, debt crisis in Europe and Greece problem appeared dramatic variety, previous Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi declares the plebiscite appears the global market to fear, while the global stock market appears a slump on that day.But urgently convene a cabinet meeting in the overnight Greece, declare to give up a plebiscite.Became a market the Greece G20 the Fengs will be with the leading role of Europe debt crisis.

At that time, the White House the spokesman said Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi requested to carry on a plebiscite to the helping of EU project and became the focus of the G20 Feng meeting.And market analytical the personage think, Greece plebiscite is also the agreement that kidnap the last week the EU Feng club building of office to reach and kidnap this G20 meetings.

G20 Fengs that in fact holds in the Jia Na will originally want to provide an opportunity for Europe, Feng will of host main French president's Sa section together also intend in this Feng to will ascend a dew skill.However usually things go contrary to one's wishes, for it two days of Feng will happen to be the European Continent a per difference usually of dark time:Europe get bogged down in politics to disorder, it economy fall into a decline, the euro area foreground rains and winds are aery.Greece but give the G20 the Fengs will stir a bureau.秋季喝湯

Generally speaking, G20 Fengs will be the situation of agenda that the main host national leader expresses politician's poise and push by himself/herself the favor.The Sa section together also wants the request of reform national currency system he/she intends to make the Jia Na meeting concentration discussed that he puts forward, its purpose is the motion that reduces rate of exchange and raise euro area and other currencies is more opposite than the position of USD.

However, the affair of this week occurrence Sa section together with German chancellor Mo gram the Er pushed to go into political muddy water in the Greece.Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi appeals a civil plebiscite, but the global financial market make of agitated, make the European aid program back been one knife.Because the market expects, the failure of the plebiscite may cause Greece's immediately breaking contract and finally cause Greece's withdrawing euro area.So the euro area will take place a series of crisis reactions.

Sa section together and dissatisfiedly says, Pa Pan Europe, Delhi declares that the plebiscite sets against with the whole Europe, is also to a caught unprepared stroke in Europe.Because DIY珍珠粉面膜the market thinks, Europe isn't likely to spend quite a few star

Expect the result of waiting for Greece plebiscite, because was full of indetermination like this.And German chancellor and the Sa section of French president is together resolute but toughly declares, the Greece is to go to is stay have to have an explicit attitude.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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