Greece plebiscite

Greece plebiscite, the EU rushes through to test
Greece premier on November 1 Pa Pan Europe, Delhi comes all of a sudden of the plebiscite decide and brought about a situation full of peril in the global scope, if saying is the most surprised, the most excited and can not accept most of a square, that perhaps must belong to EU.小肚腩

From respond then it is thus clear that one spot:The EU takes turns chairman and express to trap Feng will with G20 host main French president's Sa section together expresses to trap the most decisive euro in plan area nation and German chancellor a Mo gram with EU Er all means disaffection in the first time, 2 leaders in addition IMF, the chief executive officer pulls to add virtuous, European Commission chairman Ba Luo Zuo robs G20 the Fengs will hold firmly to meet a coordination position before opening, it is said that virtuous, the method all sent out the malicious words of "unique decide an options to want don't stay in the euro area", but Ba Luo Zuo then at"four tycoons"s meet an eve of meeting publicly to Pa Pan Europe, Delhi delivers words and urge it accepts pass on October 27 of expressing and trapping project, euro group chairman permits a gram to then mean, if Greece insists launching a plebiscite, passed two weeks ago of, Europe express to trap a fund to continue to provide the sixth to help a funds plan to probably steep soup toward the Greece, and can't re-offer before ending in the plebiscite.French premier is always thin then the simple and direct earth's surface shows, the Greece is in response to"whether quick decision oneself still intends to stay in the euro area", "Europe can not for a long time wait for Greece plebiscite result".

The truth is clear to put:The EU all countries engages in mental drudgery and moderates hard, a with in the week connect open two Feng meeting, just ground teeth to pass to almost drink on the whole the Zhen quenches thirst of negotiate on October 27, because this aim is continuing to help Greece and avoid its bankruptcy or pull down the whole project of euro area and equaled to publicly admit that Greece a series not agree with the data of matching the euro area standard:The government budget deficit has a GDP comparison to be up to 10.6% in 2010, is 《EU stability and growth convention 》3%3 times enough to spares of upper limits stipulated;The national debt has a GDP comparison to be up to 144.9%, is 《convention 》2 times enough to spares of upper limit, according to 《Ma Si especially inside He especially treaty 》and 《stability and growth convention 》, these performances originally deserve punishment, now change come really as long as more than two years, and don't know will keep on how long of the huge sum express to trap.Not only such, the agreement still uses to reduce to record private situation of Greece bond held, at the reputation that uses EU in fact substitute"depend on Zhang" in the Greece, more have very, the EU still continues to overdraw his/her own reputation and tries extension euro area to express to trap a fund(EFSF) plate, and turn its lever, persuade IMF and other main economies(is Chinese etc. emerging economies particularly) in the world to distinctly note a property to the"investment item"representative electing that lacks to requite foreground.Lets out an eve in the plebiscite news of Greece, Sa section together return is busy in making a phone call for each"gold lord", EFSF the thunder grillage of representative director more world run about wildly to look for funds support, the Greece is tantamount to here now the very critical moment flap deaf hair Kui ground to halloo "I may depend on Zhang at any time", at this time up be apart from on October 27 the agreement passes for only 4 days, under be apart from the Jia Na G20 Feng will however be simultaneously busy in persuading the Pacific Asia"gold lord" for 48 hours, ask them to believe "express to trap of fine foreground", "help each other of important meaning", is busy in coping with local opposition faction"don't foreign dirty money", "don't Munich treaty" on the other hand of politics attack by surprise, Sa section together, Mo gram Er etc. originally hard up for cash and tired from rushing around on duty, from the most surprised place, fly come most fatal of one hammer, not only the fire is just strange.Biggest of worried still is not here.

The EU is a lax combination, from birth of from day, opposition between"cent power" and"centralization" sharp existence, but the biggest test is just "plebiscite":Because the plebiscite is hard to rush a pass in all countries, the radical integral whole turns of 《EU charter 》do things by halves;Take but generation of 《treaty in Lisbon 》downplay the federal national color of EU consumedly, and try to round to open plebiscite threshold, but unique round don't open of Ireland plebiscite, still Ban that convention is an and head;This time Greece plebiscite, Pa Pan Europe, Delhi puts the reason of pedestal noodles, is "canning not make the foreign country decided the destiny and future of Greek", but from financial crisis explosion up to now, multifariously express to trap a project of so pull skin for two years of long, issue of is exactly "canning make the foreign country decided midland destiny and future", namely whether should change currently the EU"one country 1" and frequently need a movement mechanism for passing, make the this efficiency lowly alliance higher effect some, and for it pay a price of sovereignty(to small country particularly such) with parts of sacrifice.Plebiscite surely is Greece is making, but real rush through to test of is EU, very obviously, 《convention in Lisbon 》round the way of doing of opening the plebiscite pass will be more and more queried, but if all countries all imitate Greece on any great intention concerning EU prospect and frequently take"people's will" as from the plebiscite, the prospect of EU will at every step frustrated:Yes, if say that the EU is a big wooden pail, each member's national capital just among them a piece of wooden board, but if each wooden board carries on inner part to decide for"whether stay on the wooden pail" at any time, this wooden pail unavoidably separates three to differ 5 grounds for may take place at any time of leak but anxious.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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