Luo came back

The Luo came back, sit by me.The horary car wheel has never let up, seven years in of order to in every aspect delineate a constitute space.Seven year agos throws to lose in the seaside of shell, have already not and so and easily been picked up now, this is probably the distance that the space leaves.

"Doing not be small is far, the rubber lends me to use once."Is a familiar voice again, can my felling but is so unfamiliar."Feed, did you didn't hear?Doing not be small is far.""You not is have rubber?Why use mine."I lower the head to attend to a writing industry.Probably is that I am frightened to hit him that sparkling vision."I am to want to use you, 賢內助who let the kid sister younger sister whom you are me!"My pen the slide drop up the ground from the hand, feels eyes are very wet, I flurried bend from the waist to pick up and grew hair to cover up my face, can tears how can escape again lead permafrost gravitation, is almost, "the Luo is much clear, you and then talk on the classroom."Teacher the voice of the high pitch interrupted the car wheel that I recall, I have to lower the head noodles toward the lesson originally.I pour not afraid teacher's critique and just a little bit worry him.He was just backed by senior high school in the city to learn to arrive our school."Teacher, I have no, is don't be small to far seek I talk."His voice is so duty-bound.Regrettable I but could not see the facial expression on his face."BE?Doing not be small is far!"My thoughts and feelings slips away to pass by again and evade this terrible of reality, I have no many energies of again to answer her question.I thought of that to undertake everything for me and every moment protected my little elder brother, before is also so, I spread note to say to the girl of front her skirt was very beautiful, the result was discovered by the teacher, stood up of but is him, lead a class of person coaxed to smile, the Luo blushes Tong Tong of but stand an on every occasion.I think that the Earth really has gravitation, the tears really isn't round, is all water bead type of, take a sharp sting, not it how can makes the person feel ache.Not so bad my hair is long let all these only I know, showing him arriving not to know will smile what appearance.Probably owe always wanting of the other people to return of, probably my little elder brother don't call Luo much clear, the Luo is much clear I didn't owe you what.

Class is over, I followed behind the rhythm of her high-heeled shoes Keng Qiang to enter office.Numbness in front of her of I am like one pedestal gramophone, but she really don't know, the power hasn't been opening,微笑 I can excuse me you worked overtime for me, I but don't can give you the overtime pay.

I come out from the office, the campus inside has already had no how much person, attractive of place only have he and that bicycle Be silly to stand over there."Doing not be small is far, she useless high-heeled shoes Chuai you!Say for me, I went to and put together with her."I doubt whether he changed profession to say ventriloquist or composed novel.I the road that attend to walk me, this road originally belongs to my a person's solitude.The bicycle that hears him Be tick-tock to tick-tockly follow, I fore the side stopped and was like a mold especially similar turn round in the T on the stage, just I didn't smile and is was full of exasperation, behind of he also not Be getting more tick-tock, in a short while title see a sky, in a short while daut his love car, I originally have many words want and say of, can I but 1 also can not recall.He this was all the way tick-tock to follow me house."Doing not be small is far, can I go in with you?"He speaks so well-manneredly, does the person, who don't know, still think that he is four good youths.He entered a bedroom with me, and then ran veranda, I just embraced my snoopy stunned, in a short while, he ran to come over from the veranda and said very hard:"Doing not be small is far, it will definitely bloom."He by hand points at the flower pot of veranda.After again took him that will put bare eyes, this a ray of light is like a set of procedure coding, in a twinkling activating me this is several to exert be drop of machine son.Really forgot to water for flower today, 家是什麼I ran to ascend to picked up canteen to veranda again, I see the soil in the flower pot is turned over to once move and was water to spread into flower pot, my body imitated a Buddha to also infuse into new strength."Doing not be small is far, you have to be strong."This voice imitates a Buddha to send out from the heart bottom.
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-02 11:44

All time is no time when it is past.

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