getting married Ye

Standpoint 33% men become big right away after getting married Ye
After the love sublimates, you may chase another the half is into air or sofa, many women to get married the later man's variety unbearable ……let we to see a woman is how said!

33% men are premarital to rob to do household chores, direct be big Ye after getting married.Each single female compatriot attention, the manses, who want to get married,s all have already dedicated attentive motive, yellow brown jadebut don't necessarily have everlasting of bear dint.Probably have sister and then will say, that directly seeks a premarital lazy man.This viewpoint isn't satisfactory, because the efficient man still has 29% high comparisons to continue to frequently do household chores after getting married, but only 7% meetings in the lazy man turn sex to become efficient after getting married.

Be up to 42% women admit the husband hardly made a phone call for he or she after getting married, it is thus clear that after getting married a month, the man not only works at household chores decrease and even makes a telephone call to deliver a message to also start cheating on labor and material.The phenomenon with oddness BE, 4% men incredibly and morely contacted a wife after getting married, is the might it not be legendary wife takes care of strict release to should of the man take care of strict edition ……

The woman has words to say:

1, before getting married, evil color mixingyou I am little princess spoil;Active clip vegetables for me while having a meal;Crowded bus, for robbing a seat for me, don't hesitate to contend for with others blush up to the ears;You always lead long my hand while crossing the street and walk ahead the noodles open a way for me.After canning get married?You see all don't see my one eye while having a meal;You also no longer lead long my hand while crossing the street.The womans all need to be doted on and need to be protected, do you understand?

2, before getting married, all of my underwears are what you buy for mes, what style popular, you buy for me what.After canning get married?You have never had already accompanied me to once stroll an underwear store and stroll market to walk to the underwear store each time front of, element in evaluationI pulled you to keep my purchase company in the past, but you impatiently say:"Have you ever seen my noodles having the figure of the man?"You don't understand wit and humour thus and call how I ain't sad.

3, before getting married, you usually pull me to the open air to train for physical fitness, to I instill the body is the truth of the capital of revolution.After canning get married?You by yourself not only never train for physical fitness, but also earnestly wish me am foolish in the home all day long, round that household chores turns a turn, connect the viewpoints that I want to reduce weight in health club all drive you to strangle.Woman to know once arriving middle age, if don't pay attention to toughen and maintain,jade jewelry the speed of the decrepitude will how quick ah!
by fashiongirl | 2011-11-01 11:37

All time is no time when it is past.

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