advertises language

The superstition advertises language

A lot of common peoples obtain various advertisement that the outlet of purchasing the information comes from building dish.Hardly realizing the real estate advertisement is "fine wishes" that develops a company to employ to write the hand cannon system, this wishes can carry out,Pearl Jewelry most of is the real strenght and conscience that is decided by to develop a company.

Solve a cave way:Want the spot to investigate on the spot, go and see, analysis, seek a dependable professional to ask, seek old owner to understand true present condition.

The small plait point reviews:Advertising is reliable, the sow will ascend a tree!Oneself moves feet to walk and on the spot saw just calculate matter son.

Buys cheapness not to buy expensive

Diagram price cheapness.Who all know cheapness have no good goods.Expensive definitely have expensive value.But real estate market forever BE:Cheapness of will be more and more cheap, expensively more expensive forever.Even if in Shenzhen, a lot of originally cheap houses can not rise how much.

Solve a cave way:Musting buy had better.Whether willing increase in value to still turn hands in the future is all easy or manufacturersIf in hand and really have no a funds, not and well bought is also owe debt a property.

The small plait point reviews:The cheapness also combines not necessarily didn't good goods, but stares at "cheapness" affirmation is nothing doing.The age of "building frailty frailty""the building is slanting", the quality is a key.

Rent building to rather buy building

This problem is again the idea problem of an a lot of ordinary people.Always also the many people is doing not already argue and fight a lot of saliva wars.BE accordinging to "dead cave" under eight circumstances, if you are to buy a foam property and buy is a kind of very great damage.We to calculate a Zhang:The month of the merchandise building in nowadays is provided to basically is that the margin is very big with funds.According to our survey, the month provides the house of 5000 dollars, the most of rental can rent 2500~3000 dollars or so.And buy the house head pays to plus to repair and furniture electrical appliance, ex- expect also and want to take out 1, 200,000 dollars even several 100,000 dollarses at least, also want the month to provide.(be also good friends with several 10000 dollarses for a year)But if you rent building first to stay for a year and two years, at most also several 10000 dollars rental, you do some rental that money that investments earn back will definitely pay than you of this several 100,000 dollarses many.

Solve a cave way:Be under the sistuation that according to eight of"dead cave"ses carry on choosing to buy or rent.

The small plait point reviews:If there is family, more stable, can consider to rent building to change buy building.But if just graduated, rented a building advantage much many under the still unsteady circumstance!

The taste used now sees future

This is again obvious principle mistake.Have a lot of common peoples even the inflation is all why He Wu not to know and then be following dismay inflation, in fact, the house having has already completed inflation in advance.The good future isn't necessarily good now.Some building dishes once in 1989 for the so-called good house of 6, 7,000 dollars seller,attraction landscape product because the development limited till 2009, after 20 years also only this price, but Qian Neng of 20 year agos and compare today?

Solve a cave way:Want to see now with the future taste.Don't buy already overdraw many houses of years in the future.It is count for much to the house the programming of place district.Even if now badly, as long as know its programming, don't worry.Buy building from live is also a kind of investment, invest to definitely have risk, how watch over nearly a minimum, maximize value, this is each to want the ordinary people who buy the building to quiet down to consider study.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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