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The purple Xin medicine industry stock becomes "black horse" of ginseng
We are in the stock market majority of emergences that will see "black horse" , now, broughted about in the stock market new of after 1 pound at, purple Xin medicine industry[15.100.00% grind a report]stock just at with lend oneself strong backlog, after deliver to make a person, become a "black horse" in the stock.

Purple Xin medicine the latest price of industry(SZ:002118):15.10-00% condition of the market trends big lists tracks a funds to fly to lately grind a report company, the news lately announces a the excellent estimate has various antioxidant qualities in the purple Xin medicine industry ginseng of Long Hu Bang, ginseng soap the Mao and ginseng gathers B Gui compound and ginseng two Chun soap Mao etc., these compounds has an anti- fat over the oxygenation, is the foundation of anti- decrepitude function,United Statesin addition to anti- decrepitude function, to nerve, endocrine and immunity the function and material metabolize etc. the physiology function have already regulated a function.

On top of that, the ginseng has virussafe, anti- shock, reduce weight etc. various function.Although the ginseng is worth of a higher tonic,not the everyone applies.The protein factor in the ginseng can repress fat decomposition and aggravate an afferent wall fat deposition, so have a coronary, high blood pressure, cerebral harden, the diabetes, blood vessel is burning to harm should carefully take a ginseng, blood sticky the dense degree go up, will make the blood circulated Chang not, the Chinese medicine calls it as blood Yu

The ginseng can increase myocardial constringency dint and reduce a slow heart rate and increase heart to output quantity and the hat vein blood quantity, can the anti- myocardial lack blood and heart Lyu disorder, to the heart function, cardiovascular, the bloods all have certain influence.

The purple Xin medicine industry ginseng obviously bore an anoxia function, its product canned availably resist the Dou heart rate to disorder.The ginseng soap Mao can speed a fat metabolism, and have obviously a function of lowering the high cholesterol, the small amount of ginseng can make to anaesthetize a light degree of animal blood pressure ascension,Belgium to establish the big amount of then makes the blood pressure descended, the different ginseng product has no dint towards leaving the body Chan Chu heart and while body rabbit, cat, dog heart all having strengthening its function function, combining ameliorable its ventricles Xian Zhan of myocardial.

The purple Xin medicine industry opens the market space of ginseng, necessarily will get into a high-speed development period, the expectation nation draws up the national ginseng industry development policy and expand a medicine food in the national scope source together, the market that strengthens to the ginseng profession in the meantime takes charge of, norm market order, excellent turn a market of environment, the push ginseng industry has a preface, health development.

Purple Xin medicine industry continuously of the development is what its correct management guides,Accept a beautiful the team like this will definitely carry on the shoulder live strong wind surge, but the purple Xin medicine industry is the best proof
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All time is no time when it is past.

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