addition to fine

Self-made in addition to fine line emergency mask
In addition to wrinkly emergency mask
How make oneself have a liking for the fine line is a little bit little, make the skin many 1 tightly to and flexibility?maximum resolutionThe underneath self-made emergency mask net introduces for you 5 styles of self-made in addition to fine line emergency mask, you can choose according to the oneself circumstance.

Self-made in addition to fine line emergency mask 1-the egg is pure to dispel a wrinkly emergency mask

Material:The Chinese angelica powder, hemlock parsley is each 9 gs of powder, an egg
Create:Medicine material the powder join an egg liquid to mix evenly and spread in the face department to avert from eye, lips part.Wash with the clear water after 20-30 minutes.
Effect:The smooth skin is fair and clean a fine line
Apply skin quality:Various skin quality

Self-made in addition to fine line emergency mask 2-Chinese angelica powder in addition to wrinkly emergency mask

Material:White Zhi powder, Television programfu ling powder, Chinese angelica powder, white Ji powder, almond powder, purple river car powder, honey.
Create:Is each the above material to take just the right amount all hybrid together.Fill with just the right amount of water, adjust paste-like in shape, join honey again hybrid even.Wash out after spreading a face for 20 minutes.
Effect:Can in addition to wrinkly, delicate slippery fair skin.

Self-made in addition to fine line emergency mask 3-mountain medicine the tomato is deep to go to a spot of emergency mask

Material:The tomato powder is a complete program, mountain medicine the powder is a , the mineral spring is just the right amount of.
Create:First tomato powder, mountain medicine the powder add cool drinking water to mix evenly to spread a face and use Wen Shui to wash clearly after 15 minutes.
Effect:This emergency mask already in in day widely in order to spread, its property is moderate, is a kind of anti- skin aging emergency mask that has the spot and the fair dual effect, very suit the usage of female over 25 years of age.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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