follow behind

Week of inside of summer vacation as well the morning want to follow behind football team in the school to train to the suburban area, he bought a lot of dog foods to deliver my house.He says that Yan Yan, these days pleases to look after it.

I righteously location head, you trust to hand over to me the son.

Face a day before setting out evening I don't worry he takes I go out to play, he wanted to think, you were 21 years old, and it's time to get to know the world.

The inside light in bar is very dark, there is a girl being playing a piano, week as well morning explained, this is pure, have no bar so noisy.

He drink by himself, but called for me long ice tea in the island, this idiot doesn't know that long ice tea in the island in fact isn't tea, is a kind of wine.Have no a short while I am dizzy deeply.

The girl who plays a piano comes over here to say "hello" with him, he is surprised to pleasedly call, Anne how is the glorious Rui you.

I in a dazely see her, pretty, grow to flush skirt, smile to still have two dimpleses.Light again dark I know this to is a beauty.

I hear week as well morning this amorist say to her, this is the Xi Yan of Ji, my younger sister.

I go to bathroom and hurtled the face and wait I return to Be top, their forgiving has already sat to start a Piano four hands before piano, Gao Yin Yi the bass match with perfect work.I simultaneously scold a week the morning is as well a beast in human dress part make the in front drinking one all of the long island ice tea is naked, then I am getting lyinger paralyzed by drink, a men moves over here, "young lady, you are all right?"He points at my face, I looking at him disgusted looks but have no energy to push away him, he more gathers together more near, don't know danger now approach.

Is a week the morning as well saved me, I listenned to after the room the glorious Rui says his blunt past one punch knocks down which man in the bottom Di, then is surrounded by a group of persons the eye strikes and kicks, if not that the glorious Rui calls the friend of the bar help, perhaps really make an important event.

Finishes recording hand written record to come out from the police substation, my apology ground pulls his hand, all is I ain't good and brought trouble you.

He sighs spirit to clap my head, Be free, elder brother originally should protect a younger sister.

Second world noon I held lunch-box to walk ten several station roads send lunch box for him, he obviously was got a fright while seeing me.His teammates say that, the kid of your house kepts a daughter-in-law to send to rice for you to come.

I spend a morning to do this lunch box and make the rice into the appearance of small bear, the black bean is its eyes, fried the egg of circle circle is the green vegetables of its bib,fresh and red tomato and frailty Cui.I even use red bean to spell a pattern of heart form on the lunch box, because of afraid take bus will jolt to walk the pattern lane a form hence my choice on foot.

I say that I is to thank you the kindness yesterday, he turned over cold stare and wanted to even off for a lunch box?I in earnest hope him, week as well morning, make a commitment you want don't ?He foolishly sees me, then, I look up at sky cachinnation, you idiot, this also takes seriously, ha ha.

He takes an eyebrow to examine lunch box and stirs up those red beans with the ladle, Yan Yan, you still really give a lot of care.

The red bean livings Yugoslavia, this thing longs for most .Week as well morning, this is my heart, have you already felt?
by fashiongirl | 2011-10-25 11:15

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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