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The stock market investment value~firses weather
A few before the month, the unit organizes we watch movie 《the Yuan Long is even 》."Soil, fatty, water, grow, airtight, protect, tube, work" horoscope policy that there is a heads head in Anne river agriculture schools that details are Yuan place emphasizing hair's chairman putting forward to the farmer kind ground among them, the Yuan Long is even to whisper, if plus again"" word more overall.The Yuan Long is even to at last see the key of problem, the farmer grows ground and gets "do not disobey an agriculture" first,special subject convene while breaching an agriculture any effort all in vain.Agriculture is the weather that the farm crop plants, is in the sky that the whichever farmer wants to obey first.The farmer of my home town, really didn't°yet one is stupid to will sow seeds paddy rice in winter.But I repeatedly see not a few stock market investors constantly throwing down a funds in the bear market.

The bear market is a stock market of winter, the funds is like paddy rice seed and continuously repair Cang to be like farmer to continuously sow to enter water rice seed in in winter in the bear market similar, destine is lose money in business business.If winter said that the bear market is a stock market, so the bull market is a stock market of spring.We need of just study from uncle of farmer, sow seeds in spring, take a rest in winter, buy in the bull market,protect a sum needin the bear market empty Cang, that's all.

Certainly, the cow bear of stock market is also different from an agriculture of the winter spring so and easily hold.Agriculture have a fixed solar division to can be provided as discriminator, but the cow bear of stock market wants then depend the investor passes some more dependable technical analysis meanses by himself/herself, like I preceding big dish introduced on the 50th average line and on the 250th the gold fork of average line and dead fork and index number in the meantime stand ascend or fall to break on the 50th and the 60th two average lines to discriminate and hold.By so doing, stock market investment and farmer kind the ground is in brief similarmanages finance, the observant and conscientious person can definitely be a stock market farmer that like an every year's bumper harvest.

What call weather?Be naturally or the thing big situation, great condition, big of opportune moment.The bull market is greatly to buy the situation of and have the great condition and big opportune moment of buying;What about bear market, then don't have the big situation and great condition of buying, is the big opportune moment that the empty Cang takes a rest, if we will have the futures and then have empty big situation, great condition and big opportune moment of do hereafter.

Our ancestries have been valuing weather very much.Confucius at 《Analects 》open the article says of"learn and review from time to time, don't as well say?"Have been being misunderstood for" studies but usually reviews or practices, isn't very pleased?"Of meaning.In fact I think, Confucius at"Xi" word what front adds"" word, "weather" mean, not"usually" of idea.Confucius of original meaning BE:"(Constantly)learn a knowledge(combine the knowledge learned) match the weather take into fulfillment and usage, isn't this a very pleased matter?"Match with weather, is also wait until to carry on dibble and buy with bull market in spring, would have a bumper harvest, is a pleased matter.If mutually disobey with weather, ten have 89 will lose money in business, that affirmation wasn't a pleased matter.So 《Yi King 》and 《Analects 》also all pay attention to "sky and it but and sky it", be say that the person wants to be easy to match with the weather to take homologous action.As for"the weather not equal to land utilization, land utilization not equal to person and" that Menzi says, being our retail never believe, if the weather is a bear market, we again how toss about also useless.Be like farmer, and Dou in the sky, and ground Dou, Don't give him money how again person and also useless of, still can not grow a paddy rice in winter.

Hong Kong invests a Cao Ren super once say:"The way amassed a fortune, a word records of Yue' power'"."Comply with the surrounding Chang, go against a power Wu"."There is an intelligence rather taking advantage o power".The said here"power" is a weather.Invests in the stock market in, really is "the current trend of events builds hero", buy in the bull market, almost and literally buyings can earn money;Contrary in the bear market even if with much ado, perhaps also escape don't take off to suffer a deficit of destiny.And the value of the stock is continuously also a variety, the environment is different, the weather is different and be worth of then change.Like Chinese ships, in 2007 bull market if you bought in 140 dollars and afterwards rose to 298 dollars, or could earn 100%;But while turning bear from 298 dollars in 2008, even if fell 50%, you bought in 140 dollars and afterwards still fell to 29.58 dollars.So we must with change all.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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