comprehensive reform

Wen Zhou"national finance comprehensive reform experiment area"(bottom brief name"the Zong changes area") raises to set up a beginning to see a looks.

Know what happened a personage to reveal on October 19, the Wen Zhou city hall predominance drafts of the financial Zong change the area project basic structure the first step have been already worked out, Wen Zhou already upward the class deliver to establishment Zong to change the application of area.A participation Zong changes the personage whom the area prepares and plans to reveal, according to the design, quite the cheesethe future Zong changes area to start 11 policy experimental units and include to establish an aim is supporting a science and technology investment bank etc. of Wen Zhou of science and technology business enterprise.But be subjected to more to pay attention to of, is a person to go Wen Zhou center to pay to go has already declared an interest rate market to turn an experimental unit to draw on civil funds reflux bank system.

In order to prepare and plan Zong to change area to establish a panel Wen Zhou, with Wen Zhou's finance do for lord, the system of silver Jian and others go system Wen Zhou branch in order to assist, from vice- provincial governor in Zhejiang province, state City Wei book Chen De Rong in person in command director.Some normal regulations processes are abridged and connect city hair's changing none of Weis is member's section of group, Wen Zhou's government pushes forward an urgent this work it is thus clear that one spot.

Wen Zhou's finance did to take out "financial reform innovation activity project", in the middle include 8 to raise Cuo:1.Contend for creating "Wen Zhou national finance comprehensive reform experiment area".Will establish 《Wen Zhou the international financial comprehensive reform experiment the area total project 》.Press the principle of "in advance and first try", in advance organize implementation towards making policy the reform item in the scope in the state City Wei, city hall, year inside;Make policy an item in the scope to the Wei in the province and provincial government, carry out after fighting for saving a Wei and provincial government examination and approval.On this foundation, report to experiment the area total project to the nation as soon as possible and fight for getting batch.2.Deepen a small sum loan company experimental unit.Plan organization implementation 《speed the small sum loan companies develops to act a plan(2011-2013) for three years 》, plan to 2011 year-ends, the small sum of the whole citieses loan the company will develop to 50 and compare to increase at the beginning of the year 30, the capital net sum total amount ensures to attain 8,000,000,000 dollars, lends money surplus amount to ensure 10,000,000,000 dollars and works hard for to attain 12,000,000,000 dollars.3.The overall start village cooperates the financing institution share system reformation.Supports the request that predominates for the lord, government according to the people, will to Wen Zhou is inside the magistracy 11 village cooperation the financing institution carry on a subscribed capital gold enlargement, among them, Wen Zhou's downtown 3 lead into province the class, city class and county class stateowned business enterprise is three, moonlight clan8 rest county area organizations practice a city, county two classes stateowned business enterprise is 3.4.The encouragement ushers in a national sex financing institution to establish professional organization at Wen Zhou.According to understanding, each bank financing institution has already established 10 wife and children business enterprises currently the camp organization plan to ensure a year particularly inside add 5 banks small business enterprise particularly camp organization, ensure that the loan of small tiny business enterprise's increasing is sooner high than all of the whole citieses to lend money of increase soon.5.Choose in state City the feat region develops civil capital to manage service school store experimental unit and guide civil capital health reasonable have a preface of fluxion.The year is 2-4 inside counties(city, area), each the town experimental unit that choose an administration village or center.6.Year inside will choose a county(city, area) in advance start set the experimental unit that set up folks to borrow to register service center.The service center will borrow both parties to provide a supply information to gather together to release, borrow contract to notarize for folks and register, trade the amount of money settle accounts, the property evaluate register and law to consult etc. synthesize service and make the civil lending funds had preface ground to get into a margin and start a business activity.7.Encourage ownership of a share investment's organization to come together at Wen Zhou.The ownership of a share of Wen Zhou Ren invests the fund No.1 for year inside want a completion head the period to collect 200,000,000 dollars funds.The encouragement develops each kind of native ownership of a share investment fund, draw on the ownership of a share investment fund of offshore superior quality to fall Wen Zhou, establish Wen Zhou Ren ownership of a share investment profession association, have the preface guide the civil capital into real economy.8.The set sets up the place finance of state City to take charge of center and concretely undertakes financial organization in the creative place to take charge of to work with check.

Raise to set up science and technology bank

8 experimental units that does to put forward in the finance outside,obtain high income state City silver Jian the bureau and person went Wen Zhou center to pay to go to also put forward 1 and 2 experimental unit items respectively and formed "8+3" series that the Zong changes area.

Know what happened a personage to reveal, state City silver Jian the bureau declare of the experimental unit item is to prepare to host Wen Zhou science and technology investment bank."This is the item that the unique the system of silver Jian kit Zong changes area."This undertaking if embark on a journey, will belong to found in the whole country.

Design medium science and technology investment bank to regard"ownership of a share investment+ have no real object collateral loan" as principle, the funds source includes the civil capital, bank funds and government guide funds and risk to compensate funds etc., and then about is front both it with of pretty much of a.The fixed position of that bank supports to own more immaterial assets and has the science and technology business enterprise of higher growth.

But the person go Wen Zhou center to pay to go 2 Zongs putting forward change area item, is that the civil funds is offshore the market keeping hurl and interest rate turns an experimental unit.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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