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Southeast Asian Hong disaster 700 Wu Tai industrial areas inflict a heavy losses on or influence a global market
On October 16, the flood flows out into big city mansion nation Ba Yin's industrial park in Thailand, nation's expecting village and orchard of the bacterium county city and peripheral region is also drowned by the flood.The diagram is almost hads no a crest by the flood for farmhouse and banana park of the nation city suburb of Ba Yin Xuan2 .

On October 17, famous cultural inheritance in Thailand-big city mansion thou all the ruins still soak in the flood.The disaster of Hong Lao that keeps on more than two months brings Thailand serious loss, businesssome famous cultural inheritances can not escape by luck as well.

Medium the new net give or get an electric shock a comprehensive report way on October 19, Southeast Asian all countries including Thailand will encounter serious Hong Lao disaster impact in the near future and have already resulted in more than 700 persons' death up to the present, 800 myriad people disasters.But as Thailand that the foreign country invests key figure, not a few important industrial areas are drowned by flood, the foreign investment company loses miserably heavy, and probably will cause the price of global calculator etc. equipments' soaring.In the political level, taking advantage o a Hong disaster the situation is confusion, the democracy party of opposition party hatches anti- rush toward, Thai premier's English just taking a post soon pulls to face rigorous test, her prestige can set up widely is paid attention to.

The Southeast Asian Hong disaster has already died 800 myriad people disasters to more than 700 persons

United Nations means on the 18th that the serious Hong disaster breaks out in the whole Southeast Asia and has already resulted in to die and spread to 800 myriad peoples over 700 people.United Nations has already prepared to provide charity.reach a person

United Nations humality moderates hall spokesman Bill Si(Elizabeth Byrs) point out on the news conference that Geneva holds on October 18 and include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Philippines at inside of the Southeast Asian nation continue situation flood and typhoon raid recently, evidence have already kept on the Hong disaster in more than two months to don't weaken up to now, plus the monsoon of recent emergence strong rain, the humality helps supplies to arrive the disaster people's hand smoothly in.

Bill Si points out that the flood results in more than 700 persons' death, more than 800 myriad peoples are subjected to influence;In the national level, all countries are organizing a Hong disaster should to the work.If the disaster country puts forward a claim, United Nations prepares to provide to help at any time, United Nations disaster valuation harmoniously adjusts the group positive on-call and prepares to develop a work.

Bill Si warns, Thailand on the 19th and on the 28-30th appear to rise tide, bad water probably consequently break through flood control natural cover.The Thai government has already released a mudslide warning to 4 provinces in the south currently.

Bill Si points out that Laos already have 892 private houses is washed away by flood, 2500 eldest hand dumb dies.Cambodia is as inshore as Vietnam, it is in difficult pass to lead to then the road of disaster area.

The Tai industrial area suffers serious wound foreign country to invest a company to lose miserably heavy

Although Bangkok has surprised have no to nearly spend Hong Feng of impact, surrounding inundation severity in the region, the NavaNakorn of the inundation industrial area almost and all flooded just on the 18th, only remaining stayed to guard of residents and employee.

After after 5 industrial area inundations, big city mansion's NavaNakorn doesn't protect on the 18th and lets many people worries, expecting to save Bang too much Kradi the industrial area may be next disaster area.

The half-a-century the most serious floods in Thailand has already spread to local hard drive factory and inflict a heavy losses on hard drive industry supply chain.The hard drive big factory western data means that the Thai flood disaster provides goods to the company's operation and this quarter to result insolution constipation "great influence" to the customer's ability.

Thailand is world the second hard drive export country, the world about has 60% hard drives to make in Thailand.At this time just when hard drive importance sale quarter, because of personal computer(PC) manufacturer the beard prepare a source for year-end peak season.The flood deluge may pound at personal equipments productivities, such as calculator and camera...etc. till the end of the year past.The analyst said that this may cause at the end of this year or the beginning of next year price up and supply to be subjected to a limit.

Think Equity analyst Rajesh Ghai mean, "PC the manufacturer originally face a need challenge and and face a supply challenge now.This is the dual stroke."

The car industry is as well subjected to impact, this farmland company planned to pause Thai car factory before on the 21th production.This farmland mainly from Thai exit spare parts go to the factory premises of close by nation.The Toyota car may be forced to pause to export to Australia and Indonesia etc. country.

The opposition party hatches anti- rush toward an English to pull a prestige can set up?

Face for few decades a meet of important disaster of Hong Lao, Thai premier's English pulls of the political position face a rigorous test.A Thai Ministry of Interior personage reveals that the English that just went on stage in July, this year pulls, just could not take office for a month, the cabinet also returned all of the not yet finisheds to take seat, mid- August, the Hong disaster is all the way gone toward south Man by the north, the natural calamity makes the democracy party of opposition party organic to multiply by, is hatching politics anti- rush toward.

Taiwan 《United Daily News 》report way said, the relief had already been full of political flavor this time.A local residents says:"In Thailand, the natural calamity back also has disaster politics to learn."The political landscape of Bangkok City belongs to a democracy party, unauthorized biography be because the democracy party exerts pressure, forcing city hall in Bangkok have to with central resist, insist the decision that the penstock doesn't open.

Capital city Bangkok for guarding against a Hong disaster the south inherit, insist not Be abdicated to his Ni of Ba Tun of the No.1 penstock open, still just north side in Bangkok start to build six kilometers of dikes.The idea that has 8%, talks a bottom of economic production value of Thai central part, inundation place Bangkok City enounces that the economic production value here has 41% in the whole country, protected a capital city to have it the proper.

But this makes the residents who close to a Provincial Government equal and dissatisfied and requests to open No.1 penstock, "if don't open to connect north as to seek refuge again central method government the university be also drowning!"

Stand on the role of Thai central government, the conservancy bureau then thinks should appropriate boiled water door, drain flood, otherwise Ba Tun his Ni mansion many villages will meet with calamity.

The commentary said that pull but talk to the English, be like to beat the soldier truck of circle in the flood at this time, take care of a thing and miss the other, enter to back to lose according to.

1 has already lived more than 30 years of residents to analyze in the region, the military authority of Thailand belongs to the Tai emperor's influence, the Royal influence used to form alliance with democracy party and Huang Shan Jun and become the biggest influence of resisting the red Shan soldier, "is Tai party" belonged to for pulling premier's English, and is the military authority on every occasion?Whole is a words with the Royal.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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