lead of feelings

The sword has no scar and pure dream snow purely true lead of feelings
If you once met feelings like this, so pleasing don't considered by own angle, because of probably so be lost each other of starting point!Under plum flower tree, was full of in the air a touch of sorrow.person accompanyThe fetter of destiny flows to drip in the lights decayed place!

Sword's hasing no meeting of scar and pure dream snow to imitate a Buddha is 1 of destiny to slightly bump shot, two small stars unintentionally deviated an anticipant track.Only beautiful, but destine a sorrow!

That time that once walked together inside, have no scar for protecting dream snow very considerate, dream snow to have no scar heart and soul of trust.At have no scar most energetic and daring of time met dream snow, the cleanest and pure have no time in dream snow of time knew without the scar.Two hearts of crystal sorts hinge upon each other.

Is an elder brother in dream snow eyes without the scar, protect the elder brother whom she dotes on her;Elder brother beDream snow is a younger sister in the middle of having no scar eyes, is loved by protection sick of younger sister.

Two thinking of personal simplicitieses is so, be just so!

Dream snow always humiliates to have no scar, to he become angry, have no scar to silently bear with, because he understands the solitude of dream snow in the mind.Because she clearly has no scar will protect her, will forgive her, she become angry towards having no a scar.

Probably too perfect feelings will let old sky of produce to envy, the misunderstanding of people of this world, customs of the taste livinged ground to tear to pieces their feelings and hurt their hearts.Originally think meeting's keeping on for a long time feelings for a long time will also disappear!

Dream snow leaves to have no scar but goes, have no scar deplore greatly of can not speech.But he still protects to add to dream snow.Because her weak always the person don't live to make her love.

Dream snow is understand to is his/her own existence to let to have no a scar to get hurt, she can't forgive himself/herself.But he always and most trusts him.

Gradual of dream snow start evading him and have no scar to know her elusion.Have no scar to understand this silly wench affirmation at strange oneself, he wanted to comfort dream snow, but had no time.Because he is walking!

The destiny flows to turn, Fang China gradually dies.Originally and separately willing change a lot is just the then of they are really don't know!

Although separated, had no scar to still protect to dream snow to have to.Particularly the body of dream snow, he knows that the silly wench can't look after himself/herself, pure such as blank sheet of paper of she easily believes anyone, his worry more very.Dream snow just as wait at the beginning have no each telephone of scar, each letter, pay attention to one of his news.Although she gets sick very easily,never tells to have no scar!

Everything's seeming to be don't change!

Have no scar to no longer make a phone call suddenly and one day, no longer write a letter, even connect 1 to send greetings all have no.Dream snow has no over sensitive, really not really happypure of believing and having no scar affirmation is very busy and forgot just!

Until starts to be apathetic, a time fools her, a time is condemned her with the impatient tone.The silly wench heart is too soft, he can not make her get hurt, and he wants to make her strong.

"You have to learn strong!"

Leave a words, have no scar to leave!

Good easy of a words!Dream snow what didn't say, had no scar not to understand dream snow.She isn't not strong, but she got hurt, meeting at have no scar in front just weak, dream snow unique trusting of have no scar, dream snow has been thinking have no the scar understand himself/herself.Will make her depend on, will make her take a rest, dream snow has been thinking to have no scar to give her up, though she always makes trouble without a cause.But have no scar to really give her up.The whole world she didn't be able to can relax by flabbiness any further of place.

The person is really a very selfish animal, oneself clearly cans not does it, don't want to force upon the other people's body up.All think forever that oneself is like this is is she how how good.Can't ask forever is she demand?

Have no scar to live very hard, he cares the circumstance of dream snow very much, but forces oneself to concern her and has no scar to think thus dream snow would be strong!Dream snow lost a depending on of mind, she is in the tears high school will strong with camouflage of happiness!

Thing is not, the person once experienced to allow much more frustrated and unexpected obstacles, had no scar to understand dream snow, he wants to be protecting dream snow, but a day after the fair.Because dream snow already strong arrive not to need his to protect.Have no scar to try to save ever dream snow of dependence and trust, just dream snow no longer need.

Everything really can not return to at the beginning!Save just the injury to each other.........

Had no scar to love, because he is no longer depending on of dream snow!Dream snow cried, because she gave up non- scar turn head!Because the injury ever has been already existed, the heart is stabbed of with cuts and bruises all over, can not a words can take back all injury!

The predestination is to make the person have no Cuo, we always stand on own angle to treat the other party.Think is him well, think is concern him and think is oneself to, in fact is the flimsiness of oneself's heart, never ask if the other party needs.Waited until to really lose to regret, wanted to request to stay to also just become nearer to each other the injury of one step!
by fashiongirl | 2011-10-18 11:47

All time is no time when it is past.

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