"Capture Wall Street"

《New city report 》news, "capture Wall Street" the demonstrator of the activity takes part in a public yoga course in New York and responds to a protest activity on the 10th.

The 11th local time of police in Boston, the United States arrested "capture Boston" of about 100 participation the protester of the activity.Police's spokesman means to arrest the criminal charges as"illegal entry".At the same time, the "capture Wall Street"influence healthprotester took aim at vision the house of powerful person.

On the 10th, several hundred university students along city center avenue in Boston parades and raise the slogan of "investment education, don't invest a company" in hand.Get into the 5th day on the 10th in Washington's protest activity, exceed the term that the American police allows in 4 days.The American police by surprise allows a protester in that very day evening the free square between the White House and mountain in the congress continue to protest against for 4 months.

In New York, "capture Wall Street" activity related personage means on the 10th, they will set out at 12:30 on the 11th(local time) and carry on "1,000,000 powerful person parades"s, target BE"visit" to include a many Mos and Mo root a big the group executive officer's hero's rice ·monosodium glutamatewear to receive David with petroleum tycoon ·the section gram Be located on New York of luxurious residence.Of so do so, is 2%"rich man tax" that wants to protest against that New York will soon expire in December.He calls American government's planning the be over"rich man tax" isn't rational and request the councilmen the extension to collect tax.Moreover, once Gao Diao4 blamed "captured Wall Street", the protester acted of mayoral〃 cloth Long Bo2 Ge withdrew previous remark on the 10th, under the sistuation that the demonstrator didn't break the law, they wanted to protest against how long how long, city hall in New York can't drive out them.However, cloth Long Bo2 Ge also warns to say, once they adopt illegal behavior, police station in New York can't appease them.

Another according to the report way, "capturing Wall Street" is the peaceful demonstration activity that starts through a network terrace(occupywallst.org), there is no explicit leader, the main claim is to oppose company in Wall Street of greedy, social inequality and the gap between rich and poor.more type of foods The activity carries on to the 20th day to spread more than 50 cities in the United States, and drew on several labor union organizations participation
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All time is no time when it is past.

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