line up sorrow

The private of "hemorrhoid" needs not worries a food to treat to line up sorrow
A lot of artificial piles perplex, the managementso of concealed difficult speech not only hard export, also make the person sit to sign difficult Anne, small the plait teach you a kind of food to treat method treatment piles today and make you escape from the troops of private who have"hemorrhoid" soon.

The piles is a kind of familiar disease and much be taken bad, our country folks vegetable to have the parlance of "10 people's nine hemorrhoids"s.Just because of this, some people think, since and so many people all have, that should be what big trouble, endure also pass by, and fall ill the privacy of part, more let person abashed in start to talk.Therefore the piles sufferer is usually "10 people nine incurable" and seek medical advice to lead very low.

In fact, this piles can not despise.If permissive it freedom, in addition to long term then the blood cause anemic, because the hemorrhoid piece takes off and Gua to invite a muscle flabby, stick to liquid run off in addition to ass, easily cause skin Sao Yang and ass eczema.More serious of, also cause to be like anus bowel diseases, such as anus crack and prolapsus...etc..But come to say to the female, is a close neighbors because of the ass and the vagina, the piles issue of blood will cause germ's in great quantities breeding, the germ carelessly gets into vagina, will cause vagina burning, the bladder inflammation, top domainenclosure blaze etc. gynecology disease.The pregnant woman is the high hair crowd of piles, if the pregnant woman gets piles, then is noticing more.Because the pregnant woman even needs ample nourishment than the ordinary people, but the piles easily cause of anemic etc. symptom, will not only influence health of pregnant woman oneself, but also obstruct the baby's normal growth.So, the piles is like one to lead fire Suo, then will be rampant once being sparked, it the latent result really allow of no optimism.If suffer from, must not ability the gist.

So, piles exactly is how appear?The Chinese medicine thinks that becoming of piles because of not outside following few aspects:

A, food not stanza, living inside the hot and damp.

"Have no meat not to become a seat, have no wine not to become Yan", the friend gets together, the wine meat is certainly an essential to have of, the joss-stick hot tasty chafing dish usually is also add to the fun it choose.This kind of popularly drinking hot life style is really pleasing to the pole, however this pleasing back, piles but in "steal to smile".《The whole bookses of Chuang Yang 》think:"Food not stanza, inebriate satisfied have no, Zi food greasy, pepper mordacity, the Zhi 煿 Yan wine, animals foreign body, allow feeling to inebriate satisfied, ……, breeze hot bottom blunt, is livinging five hemorrhoids."Manchu dynasty of 《 thou now book integration · cure all of the departments to record 》 up say" food current of air Zhi, then the spirit of hot and damp, the Pi is accumulated to Yangming large intestine but is hemorrhoid.Food not stanza, inebriate satisfied, love to eat mordacious greasy Zhi Bo thick flavor etc., the appetite easily livings wet accumulate heat, the hot and damp puts up stakes, the Yun accumulates a day long don't spread, descend tend large intestine, Yun but is a hemorrhoid".These fish, hot pepper, and wine...etc. are should be some big wet big hot of thing, plus a person a happy, eat of more, the hot and damp will accumulate to gather in the body.Will not only pile up in the appetite, but also be put up stakes to ass, cause ass Chong blood, cause piles.

Two, plain body Yin falsely, the blood heat wildly goes.

Some people are falsely a Yin physical endowment, the Yin falsely livings heat, inside the heat force blood wild line of, cause piles to bleed not only.In addition to the plain body Yin excessively eats falsely and outside bitter dry help hot food and medicine, is also important reason that results in blood heat.Some people usually because ate too many tonics, but appear the phenomenon of flowing the nosebleed, is a sun spirit inside the body too prosperous, force blood to wildly go of typical model case.Still have to usually lose temper to turn fire,domain name will also harm and Yin blood, make blood hot.Is ten eyebrows such as the Wan 《medicine adviser 》cloud:"Much anxious in sex, many Nus much envy, this annoys the blood accompany heat, and have Yu also."

Three, the long disease harm Pi and annoy anemia falsely.

The Chinese medicine thinks that the long disease will consume a wound temper, but Pi for annoy the blood sublimates of the source is a generally getting of the human body spirit blood.The temper gets hurt, then will make spirit blood deficiency.The debility can not shoot blood, make the piles taken off to hang and bleed to turn worse.Not only is a long disease, long cough, long Xie also is that the temper is damaged and causes the important reason of piles.

Four, long sit a long station, the blood goes Chang not.

This mainly had something to do with occupation and was like long get by the white of office, driver, the teacher of the long station platform etc., they because of the relation of occupation, usually a sit or a station is one whole day, is the high hair crowd of piles.The Chinese medicine thinks that the human body is placed in a kind of carriage for fixing over a long period of time, will influence blood circulation.Long sit long stations will cause blood not Chang, the blood circulation is blocked, the muddy spirit blood clot flows to note ass but livings piles.Ming Dynasty of 《surgery orthodox school 》 put forward the views of "because of long sit but the blood don't go …… with the result that the muddy spirit blood clot flows to note ass, can deliver a hemorrhoid all".

Also have already felt the outside breeze hot evil ways certainly, and the sexual intercourse is excesssive, heredity etc. factor, but total of to say, food not the stanza make the large intestine accumulated hot, Yin falsely inside the heat cause blood hot to go wildly is the important inducement of piles, also the most familiar.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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