Libyan assassin thinks

The Libyan assassin thinks of the old days to assassinate card firm thin

30 year agos, 44 Libyan persons together the plan assassinate Mu exceed Er ·the card is firm thin;After 30 years, French Bordeauxthe card firm thin political power falls from power, 3 among those people start relating that year to assassinate a front and back story.

Assassinate uncompleted

3 people respectively is the Bu Du pull ·the moxa admire to exceed virtuous ·sand the inside and Na fill Er · Bu Du Lei ·the Sa pull Mu ·tower sand the Ni and Gu exceed Lei ·Saad is caught in 1981.Allow authorities to assassinate the card firm thin criminal charges to penalize 3 people's 7 yearbooks to forbid by scheme.

48-year-old Saad tells the method new agency a reporter, that year in English on the 10th, 3 people are in the sand in the in home negotiate to assassinate card firm thin, the plan ties in the card thin carry out to assassinate an activity while attending a supermarket to start practice an activity.But the project ends up in nothing, the reason is that the card is firm Be thin to continuously change to start practice time.

"He finally makes sure that the supermarket starts practice time as 2:00 A.M. April 3, 1981.We can not press the original plan activity ……in fact, isn't that he learns of(assassinate plan) in advance, recreational areabut he usually of behavior method."Saad says.

The team of that activity includes 44 assassins.Starts practice the spot in the supermarket, some assassins take revolver and hand grenade and try to close to card firm thin, although fail,assassinate a matter don't be immediately had learned that by the authorities as well.

The brothers falls difficult

Saad says:"I at that time be still a was ten how old kids ……after few months, we won a someone to occasionally mentioned(assassinate) a plan to the other people, drive card firm the thin intelligence people understood, we were afterwards grasped."

He says that they get to judge the empress that 7 yearbooks forbid 4 year ends to escort at the most "famous" of cloth ·the Sa benefit Mu jail, can not contact the family.

The tower with 46-year-old"can say so, we are cloth · the Sa benefit Mu jail a group of guests, it just was finished at that time, " sand Ni said.

Sand the inside is 72 years old.He says that include his brothers method to hope especially at inside participation's assassinating planned several people is caught and be subjected to molestation in the strategy guideMethod especially rare originally the card tie thin[one] airplane pilot of troops and get to judge death penalty
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All time is no time when it is past.

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