Love and beautiful

The beautiful girl owns beautiful face good shape.They are numerous boys to extol object, their skies are always clear, and everyone thinks that they are very happy.
The common girl owns common face common shape, hardly have a boy to notice them, looking at circumferential everything, sometimes they will also complain living unjust positive.

The beautiful girl around always has a lot of boys of not of the common sorts and feels very excellent at least.Current so superior condition, the beautiful girl raised range of experience naturally,Hong Kong necessarily tastesthey delineated of boyfriend or the lover's form's copying is undoubtedly faultless, they continuously choice, they need a romantic happiness and wait for the arrival of their prince charmings!
The common girl is like the common run of people similar life, a lot of time boy at the side of body she regards as friend's but again usually neglect they are girls of fact.They will also imagine their their own prince charming, dissimilarity of is that she is a person of commonness.Common girl can the tolerance boyfriend contain some weakness, they need this whole life one a life time constant love.

The beautiful girl usually doesn't know that choice which, usually toward moon is praying absolute being to tell her.
The common girl believes his/her own choice,cabaret quality placard also believe oneself life choice.

The beautiful girl has too many opportunities, they like an opportunity to play joke on and like brief romance, display their different.They usually tell the pursuer "you are that they win of common 1".
The common girl works hard to cherish every opportunity, they support this feelings to hold out for long time with a heart.They will tell him with look in the eyes and vision:This is our life choice".

The beautiful girl's pursuer considers two problems every day:1 BE"be the rival in love getting more?", One is "I how win".Usually the first answer is affirmation, while the second is negative.
The common girl's pursuer will occasionally consider:If she promised me, we rode bicycle wreath island.

The beautiful girl's boyfriend and her pursuer doesn't have hypostatic boundary, although hug her full is proud of,lie on the bed to want to intend tomorrow's combat again every day, because unexpectedly contend for too vehemence, usually this kind of life want to keep there to throw on a wedding dress that a moment.
The common girl's boyfriend although having no that kind of is proud of, heart in very happy, he is silent to tell himself/herself:Cheap family hotel The life needs to be mild, what I looked for is the lover of common rains and winds, not shows of merchandise.

The beautiful girl's love is full of romance and has never considered that what last long love is in her heart.
Common girl my love is nothing exciting and look forward to romance in her heart, but know everlasting of precious.

The beautiful girl's husbands are all very outstanding, outstanding husband's body has beside a lot of than beautiful girl more beautiful and younger girl, hence, the beautiful girl starts protecting the battle of love, because they know that they at the beginning can draw on a husband, so those girls equally can also draw on him.Just at beautiful girl's beginning in heart ask himself/herself:What is a love".
The common girl's husband has very outstandingly, although also has an outstanding girl around at his nearby, the common girl knows:Finally chose in numerous choices that his/her own husband will not betray himself/herself, because he understands love to isn't a beautiful outward appearance.The common girl says to he or she of meeting:I have already known the meaning of love.

The beautiful girl's family is unsteady, the beautiful girl's beautiful outward appearance gradually becomes old, and she is in mind to have a lot of questions:At the beginning I at pursue what, and then acquire what.
The common girl's family is very happy, own often often heard just the reasonable children lay prone on the ear to say:The mother is the most beautiful, hence the common girl smiled.

Time over of really quickly, the beautiful girl distinguished with common girl's nothing important, the ever beautiful outward appearance of beautiful girl of covering up of Time and tide wait for no man.The probably beautiful girl finally finds out answer:Originally is this a love?
The common girl remains is common, common of the heart is recalling in the past and told other people while having many children and grandchildren, I didn't miss precious love.

If you are a beautiful girl and so beg your pardon I want to say beautifully to be unequal to everything, the God arrangement is just a kind of random choice, end of happiness still want to diligently choose by himself/herself and diligently walk, will not drive own facial appearance is the mistake.Living demand beautiful,Accommodation Hong Kong the beauty isn't a life.
If you are a common girl and so invite you set beginning, because the world combines not only is a beautiful girl of, knowing the person of love is not with beautiful outward appearance but compromise his/her own love.Believe oneself believes love and works hard to cherish and works hard to love and lives originally and fascinatingly.

If you fancy a beautiful girl, so usually you have to carry on a staunch through trials and tribulations conflict, regardless successful or not, you have to manage to keep annoying to strongly say to you:Importance of be not result but is a career.Succeeded to want to have a farsighted plan towards continuing to keep stabilizing, failed to also want to understand the difficulty of passing examination the Chin Hua different.I want to tell you:You may be the outward appearance that likes a beautiful girl to just prepare to go forward further of, but they similar demand real love, purpose cheat the other people's feelings to attain to show, one day there will you will lose the right of love.

If you fancied common girl, so please work hard to pursue and diligently love, you will discover that their hearts are so lovely, their feelings is so delicate.You want drum foot the courage to tell other people:"In the love and the beautiful, I chose love".The love that you have to believe to work hard is eternal!
by fashiongirl | 2011-10-10 17:22

All time is no time when it is past.

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