half-mast to grieve over

The apple headquarters flies the flag at half-mast to grieve over

The origin reports Xun for local time 5 day and night, a wood chair of Qiu Po Di promise City apple company headquarters outside in Silicon Valley, the United States, sees scenery stillbecome the powder silks to grieve over died former executive officer, Joe, of chief of apple temporary"altar" of the cloth Si.

The major media live car in world has already arrived to°from the all directions the spot.Introduce according to the media reporter of the spot, the apple headquarters has already declined half-mast, the door is ex- to put to put Joe cloth Si the photograph and fresh flowers while was living.

In the fresh flowers and the candlelight, show Joe the iPad flat panel of the cloth Si black and white photograph computer, black rice nourishmentbecome the focus that draws on vision and remits to gather emotion.Surroundings of people in succession the dance move an iPhone cellular phone and minute down to distress of image.

IPad and iPhone ……not a few apple powder the silk all passes these and has learned that Joe with the apple product of i dozen head first the shocking news that the cloth Si dies, also ask for help of these equipmentses and find out the all new outlet of expression grief in the meantime.

Showing on the screen that often sees a people's hand on the spot is burnable of candle,color higher or Joe the cloth Si not coetaneous photograph.The apple product gives people the influence that the life style brings it is thus clear that one spot.

On being located on the medium personage of apple headquarters to say, there aren't a few apple employees on the scene, I spotted 1 to walk over to say "hello"."Quite good, I am an apple public relations department of" he says, .I asked once to will arrange in the near future, he said, "apple not the plan now convene a news conference", and mean to temporary have no related Joe cloth Si burial rites arrangement of news.(Comprehensive)

Joe cloth Si

On February 24, 1955, the Joe cloth Si was born at a singleparent family in San Francisco.

Joe the cloth Si Be 19 years old to stop schooling from the university and become the machine office clerk of a T.V. game.In 1976, Joe cloth Si and year 26-year-old Steve ·fertile the Ni is together second gram of to establish an Apple Computer of company, the company location is taken seat to Joe cloth Si house of garage inside.That year, the apple releases it the first personal computer"autumn healthapple I" type computer.

The 80's in last century is greatly getting on the market successful"apple II" computer, make this with bit the apple of one mouthful for sign of computer brand fame big Zao.

Because company power games, the Joe cloth Si resign from chief executive officer's job in 1985, then established to have Pixar of influence very much to the movie animation animation film utility room, the first computer animation slice of its success creation namely 《toy general mobilization 》.

When apple company is on the brink of death, the Joe cloth Si returns in 1997 and leads an apple to stage a comeback.The industry insider widespreadly thinks that the Joe cloth Si is all rated as revolution in the contributions of realms, such as number music and intelligence cellular phone peaceful plank computer...etc., is also one of near more than ten in the last yearses most outstanding business enterprise chief executive officers
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All time is no time when it is past.

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