To where I want

I said to myself, leave the town of D, will not have so many scars, not so much pain, also, will not have any so-called unwilling, time will help me forget all, time will prove everything.
I now leave, give up, have some ideas to be opinionated, I don't go much beyond, never regret, but I am very happy, at least I was crazy for the things they want to pursue, success, According to associatedhappiness, dazed, everything is over. Until something, remember what happened in the past, although the heart will feel frustrated, but I still thank those who appeared in my life to people, is my life appeared in color, with bright, also have dark, all these, are indispensable to me through, only once in a lifetime experience.
Although the Aries girl is very stubborn, never because of some things and change themselves, however, it is this seemingly stubborn I, a time also prefer to fling caution to the winds of believe, would rather covering his own only a little trust to pursue their own mind as complete, or even silly to force myself to accept some later found simply can not accept. In such a matter, wake up, before those who be opinionated mind, but is himself with one of his gambling, gambling is all his enthusiasm and trust, the results, in hindsight, lose everything.
Then, I remember wanting to escape the D City, this I embarrassed City, escape this let me from heaven to hell,member not participation I thought if I leave, will not have any entanglement, and everything there. But, I once again be opinionated, I even do not know the next moment, what I want, and what do you want, because forget sad, go back to the past and no goals in life. Now, I have got one's wish, back to my original life world, I attempt to day did not let themselves live enrich point, let yourself live simple, however, there is always something, something between my naturally or half unconsciously stimulate central nervous, forget, I admit, I was not forget them. Someone said to me, you went to D City, people are getting old, yes, old, who was hidden inside, vicissitudes of life, there is also a weak struggle, is the grown up, the ivory tower, although very good, but lived a life, out process may have a little pain, but it is indeed an imprint is engraved on my heart. Memory, not for everyone. I don't know, this process will experience how long, maybe I forget that day, good moodperhaps the next station to grow, I will to you, time will help me to get where I want,
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-28 17:35

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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