Ao expects a horse

The Ao expects a horse:"go into allied" in objection Palestine will as occasion arise exercise veto powerLantern Festival
New China net New York gives or gets an electric shock(the reporter easily loves a soldier) American president on September 21 Ao Ba Ma keep speech to tell a Palestinian race power in New York on the 21th organization chairman Ba Si, the United States opposes Palestinian aspect to seek a member nation position through UN Security Council, will as occasion arise exercise veto power.

The Ao expects a horse and Ba Si made use of to attend the 66th united Nations general Assembly cleft to hold to summit.The White House national security business vice- assistant originally ·Luo mean after 2 leader to summit, the United States will probably have to oppose expect a square is in UN Security Council of any action, include to exercise veto power when it's necessary.He says that the Ao expects a horse to request in the middle of summiting expects Si not to deliver to "go into allied" application to the radicle text of U.N. General Secretary Pan.

Expect Si have already expressed to deliver to application will to the Pan radicle text in early time at the this week, anticipate he will deliver to an application after the United Nations General Assembly announces to talk on the 23th.

The deluxe adviser Ai of Ba Si thunder Carter the news conference that holds in United Nations on the 21th up mean, the Palestinian aspect takes nothing it"go into allied" application postpones a vote, "we can't allow on this affair and appear politics and manipulate".He says that expecting an application to become United Nations member nation is the only choice that avoids occurrence violencetechnical solution

The Ao expects a horse at with expect Si before summiting at allied greatly announce to talk to say, he still thinks that the Palestinian person should have "own of nation", but this nation have to build up at make peace foundation with Israel on.He admits that he is like others similar lack progress to feel"upset" to the peace negotiationses, admit that the Palestinian person has already waited for too long, but he believes deeply "ending 1 has already kept on few decades of conflict to have no shortcut".He appeals both parties around boundary, safety, refugee and Jerusalem the position etc. core problem launch to negotiate and reach agreement.

The tower Ni second beard inside Israeli premier opposes "go into allied" in Palestine to mean applause hard to Ba Ma of Ao.He says that he expects horses to all think that both parties of Israeli & Pakistan should sit down to negotiate with Ao, this is the realization"the only path of stable and last long peace", but once rounded this process to look for shortcut to achieve success.power consumption
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All time is no time when it is past.

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