LED the industry new rule

Standard in Shenzhen, LED the industry new rule
On August 29, the LED industry standard alliance in Shenzhen released 12 technique standards, the whole industry just from process a manufacturing to move forward to the standard establishment of higher layer.The national LED business enterprise is much like ox hair, nature not even.The guo jia lacking of standard for long time, make the place business enterprise produced of LED the product specification is different, can not mark to go together with and permit and biggest influenced the development oftraditional festival's local LED market and local LED the step of the business enterprise military advance overseas.There is parlance like this in the industry, the small and medium enterprises do the product that the low affixture is worth, the big business enterprise does the product of high additional value, but real have the big business enterprise of real strenght to do a rules of the game, it even can not do a product, it suffices to show the importance of the profession rule.Now, Shenzhen standard set, lead long one hair but move whole body, this LED the model effect of the industry key figure will be not and far willing gradually presenting in the future.
The whole country visits Guangdong, Guangdong visiting Shenzhen

Be"25" program the semi-conductor of one of the strategic newly arisen industries to illuminate(LED) industry, facility laser irradiationis driving on the speedway currently.Work believes a first half year data to suggest and closes for 6 the end of the months, the symbiosis produces to give out light diode(LED)39,280,000,000 and increases 26.4%.This means that LED industry still is invest heat to order.This ex- expert predicts that only illuminate LED of realm the industry will attain 500,000,000,000 scales at least till 2015.Numerous business enterprises were attracted to the high market expectation to ascend this industry chain each link, is a particularly medium downstream link.The industry insider estimates that national LED the business enterprise on the industry chain has more than 4000 houses around now.

Currently our country LED the business enterprise mainly distribute in the bead triangle and long triangle, in Guangdong packs yield to have 70% in the whole country and is national LED lighting importance to produce base and trade center.The data suggests that first half year of this year, LED yield in Guangdong reaches to 14,783,000,000 and take up 1| of the total yield 3.LED industry in Guangdong whole competition ability the row national ex- Mao, the industry scale whole country leads, and formed to take Shenzhen City as group leader, take Guangzhou-Shenzhen as a principal axis, the industry chain radiated extended structure and form to the stalk two sides.Can say, national LED visits bead triangle in Guangdong, bead triangle LED in Guangdong visits Shenzhen.Shenzhen has become LED the highland of the industry development, is global solar energy LED lamp the biggest production and supply base, LED carry the light source global main production and supply base on LED's back, LED show to hold the biggest production and supply base inside the country, LED to pack and the special kind industry illuminate a local main production base.

Shenzhen City is to reform a liberal row head soldier, is an in spite of economic system to reform still industry technique the innovation be all sent by the guo jia to the great and earnest hope.At LED industry, Shenzhen equally walks at the ex- row in ages.According to incompletely statistics, there is totally LED in Shenzhen lighting technique development, production and application business enterprise over thousand, occupy "section of country" in the whole country.Last year, LED industry scale in Shenzhen already 40,000,000,000 dollars.Currently, LED industry in Shenzhen owns a complete industry chain, Shabby-genteelswims chip from the Chen bottom of the upper stream the material, outside postpone a slice, and arrives the downstream to pack, application and kit material, process and examine an equipments etc. each link, have already formed a stronger industry kit ability.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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