triangle loves

Iran issues order:The television station can not broadcast to reflect the program that the triangle loves
A semi-official medium in Iran are 12, government has already issued orderprofession development analytical, the television station can not broadcast to reflect the program that the triangle loves and bare the male of top half also at is forbidden of row.

According to the report way of this medium, Iran government has already issued order and forbids on TV to appear triangle romance stanza in the program.This is seen by some observation personages to make that country to aim at another conservatism action of medium.Still don't know so far this concretely moving of the restriction order because of, Iran medium just report way said, "according to latest stipulate, forbid on TV to broadcast details that the triangle loves in the program."But report way also calls,competition of vehemence if the being the appearance that the rebuke is similar to a lens of television program performance then isn't forbidden.

Count year ago that country once broadcast a by the name of 《forbade a fruit 》 of domestic continuous play, related an old man because of fall in love with a young woman, but abandonned a cuckoldry story.A lot of Irans are all drawn on by this television drama.

In addition to forbiding triangle to love television program,Need estimate "latest rules" also has rules to the dimensions of male nudity.

Iran medium said lately stipulating to forbid to appear half in Iran television program or foreign television program a naked male."Otiose contact" details that can not appear both sexes as well.

Iran always highly watches out for to western culture.The 90's in last century has the Iran the not contented with local television program and personally installs satellite to receive antenna, behind is definitely forbidden by Iran government.This restriction order once hadn't quite a period of time strictly, but inside virtuous Gu after serving as the president and then have already tightenned trend.

Iran hard-liner usually blames western make use of "soft real strenght" to carry on a subversion to that country, they said,domestic cable business website and satellite channel television program of west were its two greatest tools.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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