toothpaste cancer-causing

"Toothpaste cancer-causing" takes charge of to lack who it lead
Had the medium report the way to say, American food drugs direct administration and the United States Environmental Protection Administration were evaluating the safety that three chlorines living, hence the tiny Bo previous news concerning"three chlorines in the toothpaste living to cause cancerhappy new principle" not Jing but walk, among them, the whole effectses of Gao Lou4 Jie and parts of toothpastes of good Jie private is pointed to imply three chlorines to living.

The usage that livings to three chlorines, some business enterprises mean, "if is a cabaret equal sets regiment customer, all generally request the other party to provide raw material, then carry on a purchase according to customer's need.Three chlorines living to use in the toothpaste generally as antiseptic usage, this is in general use rule in the profession."The reason that swindles to harm a person, also very full.

There is news confirmation, the Si, good private of the Jie, tooth Doctor, pseudoginseng radix of the bamboo salt, black, black younger sister and China, Gao Lou4 Jie and Na love, cold sour work properly etc. more than ten brands of toothpaste, there is water in majority of toothpastes, mountain pear(sugar) Chun and water matches Huo stone and the laurel Chun sulfuric acid ester the sodium and fluorine turns materials, such as sodium, cellulose gum, saccharin sodium, CI77891 and CI74160...etc., three chlorines living and it is a few in common uses, if gram dint boon, in addition to the germ is plain, three chlorines lately etc. didn't appear in the composition form.Still have already shampooed water and bathing dew, in the muscle man, Europe Lai friendship, sand, Pan Ting, much composition form that the aroma, sea flies silk etc. several brands in didn't discover that three chlorines living as well.It is thus clear that, this some business enterprises know perfectly well ghost, be don't tell a consumer.Who most innocence?I think that must be the latter.

As early as April 15, 2004, the The EveningStandard report way of England London, according to the research of American Fu Ji Ni second science and engineering university, three chlorines livinging will handle to remain the chlorine gas reaction in the water in the process with tap water,Full city gold born chloroform.The chloroform is been a possible carcinogen by the American Environmental Protection Administration mark, so the evening newspaper warning's reader carefully the usage imply three born cent of chlorineses' toothpaste etc. to use a chemicals for day.So several years, is what?Is the toothpaste profession still using the carcinogen"three chlorines living" as antiseptic?

No matter proceed from what reason, the quality check and hygiene prevents epidemic disease the sections can not get away from, Be existed to the fact in the toothpaste product for a long time because of taking charge of disadvantage to lead the carcinogen"three chlorines living".The working talent section takes charge of not good enough, depend on medium to expose to result in the social public opinion pressure just is forced to take action behind of way of doing, very what a mess.

Who all know, drive the medium expose the affairs of "three chlorines in the toothpaste living to cause cancer", connect down place to the checking of business enterprise and whole change essential to have., adjusts to 472 dollars|gramThis kind of profession problem, just return knot at the business enterprise oneself?I think that the quality checks to prevent epidemic disease with hygiene a section to also undertake homologous law responsibility and on moral grounds serverest rebuke!
by fashiongirl | 2011-09-05 18:33

All time is no time when it is past.

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