foundation insulin use

How should the diabetic foundation insulin use?
The insulin treatment is a count for much means, so how use foundation insulin is correct?

No matter is for a diabetic still 2 diabetics, the insulin treatment is an all count for much means, while the usage of foundation insulin is also a control to get empty stomach blood sugar to the way of pass importance, so how use foundation insulin is correct?period difficult painting

Why to want to use foundation insulin?

The person's pancreas will produce the level of blood sugar inside the insulin control body of amount of foundation under the normal condition, the blood sugar is high it produces much, the blood sugar is low it produces of low, also have a kind of hormone call the Yi high blood sugar vegetable, it is as contrary as the function of insulin, so the talented person can maintain blood sugar level.

The diabetic can not cause pancreas' secreting insulin because of various reason, this even if don't eat, because of the function of Yi high blood sugar vegetable will also make empty the stomach blood sugar go up.Therefore, using the foundation insulin be imitate human body the insulin secrete process and give to act for a treatment thus in the daily life.

How should the foundation insulin use?

The foundation insulin includes medium effect and long effect insulin, under the general circumstance, foundation insulin act for treatment is take orally medicine expiration implementation the drugs taken orally and insulin unite a treatment of the head choose a project.expectation purpose

Operation method:Continue to take orally to decline sugar medicine treatment, unite medium effect or long effect insulin to inject before sleeping, the start quantity is about 0.2 units|kilogram weight.Adjusts dosage according to the sufferer empty stomach blood sugar level, usually adjust every 3-4 days, adjust 1-4 units each time according to the level of blood sugar until empty the stomach blood sugar reach a mark.

If the blood sugar doesn't reach a mark in the daytime, can change to inject for many times every day.

Familiar foundation insulin:Suffer the hurricane

Long effect insulin:Promise peace, come to in luck, long show Lin, ten thousand Sus and woods;

Medium effect insulin:Excellent Bi N wood, promise and work properly N, ten thousand nation N wood and sweet comfortable Lin N.
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