romance how do

I and male colleague in the office took place a romance how do
Guided reading:The woman don't always act as these flower flower man's war booties, they are playing, isn't at the love.To their game, you don't want to be so really, since take a wrong step sank into a mire pond, should adjust footstep to hurriedly come out in time.Don't say not to know how to face him, a lot of men and women's"ambiguity" Relocation Companyis an all such destiny.

Once the relation of that occurrence happening not, mean that before all ambiguous relations should over.I with colleague take place don't should take place of matter, don't know how to do?

He is a man who relatively has magic power in the my eyes, there are many girl friends, although Be married now,still didn't break contact.I don't know as well why so many women will like him.We were relations of good colleagues in the beginning, aer little bit near than other people.Can one day he suddenly kissed me, I am very excited, from that later I had a kind of another feeling to him.

He and moreover a female colleague of our unit relate to very good, other people tell me, they once made object before, can now 2 people because of bride's side parents' opposing don't get married but respectively constitute a new family.Can their relations are still very good now,International Moving I doubt that they remain lover's relation.The my relationship with that female is also very good, so our three people usually together has a meal chat and ever since that time took place last time he after kissing my affairs, I saw them together and very envy, old angry to him.He is also not cold to me lukewarm, original I intend at enmity with elsewhere, but his head quarter well timed of to stimulate once, I let my desire can not, can not let go him.

We so the ambiguity once wears for three years, recent day, I make him say clear he relationship with me,Mover Company result we took place that matter that occurrence not, I not know next move how should face him, in view of heart, I am to like his, and I also not know how he sees me, how should I do?
by fashiongirl | 2011-08-30 17:12

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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