successful India

New Gandhi"fast 4 myriad people celebrations in successful India
At 10:20 A.M. the 28th India local time, "new Gandhi" Anne Na ·admired Sa thunder to close lightlyLED light cheapness one mouthful honey coconut milk under the eying of supporter and stop an anti- Fu activity for fasting of 288 hourses at the around ten thousand.

The thunder that this cup honey coconut milk is 74-year-old to admire Sa since August 16 of"the first food" is offered up(like right diagram) by the daughter of"mean people" and the daughter of the Muslem, two India little girls represent this"hope"ing of nation with"solidify".

Some kind of brief after talking, have already appeared to dehydrate symptom of admire Sa thunder is directly sent to medical treatment center, he will stay a hospital to observe for 23 days over there.

The victory that fasts sport, makes the whole India sunk to immerse the joys in the festival sort to celebrate atmosphere in, change"rental"4 myriad peoples large-scale celebrations.From pull Mu lira the square arrive the home town of admiring the Sa thunder, the supporters carry song to carry a dance and brandish three color national flags and distribute candy and fresh flowers.Admire Sa thunder since 1980 of ex-15 times fast an activity never and acquire thus extensive support.This time fast undoubtedly is to India reality of an important examination, but the different soldier Tu rise in this sport of, is exactly the young generation of India.

Admire Sa thunder to stop fasting.

New Gandhi responds to"unconstitutional" blame

"This is the people's victory."Admire Sa thunder to appreciate India people's support, let him obtain "victory" of anti- Fu sport of national scope.The old man spoke of he fasts to exercise insistent 3:00 Card's wearing Shan matrimonyassertion:Citizen's charter, cancellation bureaucracy to nation of influence and adhere to 《the citizen inspects bill 》the establishment"inspect an office"."The tallest lawmaking organization adopted my assertion, I meant to say, this is worth our nation's feeling proud of moment."

Near segment time, some political persons in India of the births stratum of"mean people"s always at criticize admire the fasting of Sa thunder anti- Fu sport is "unconstitutional" and admire Sa thunder to enounce for this, he does thus of the inspiration come from "the father of constitution" Anne's shell in India virtuous Carl, while he is exactly representative's person of "mean people" in India."This activity proved'people's parliament'BE higher than'in the parliament of Delhi', but this is exactly virtuous Anne's shell Carl to give our apocalypse, he drew up constitution, we are to want to struggle for this."

The trip that will launch a whole country

Admired Sa thunder to speak of a future plan:Lead a better day for the sake of India farmer and the worker, he will concentrate on the reform of election and education system.Admire Sa thunder to say:"We have to reform election system, we have to have veto power.There isn't any person whom we want on the ballot list, we will refuse."He says that the hardships of the distress and worker that only just have to make those politicians considered farmer like this, LED in Shenzhenand make them unremittingly struggle for the sake of the work agriculture benefits.

Admire Sa thunder says, fast to exercise to his biggest apocalypse BE, he would not again remain mum, until the variety appears, he also means to launch the trip of whole country and brings sport of India"more need".
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All time is no time when it is past.

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