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Hold an outdoor wedding to need advertent problem and the condition for having
Many New appointees that the preparation gets married all look forward to an outdoor wedding(include a turf-grass wedding), fresh flowers, green grass now, the wedding dresses in white, the fellings of prince and princess, feel very romantic.But, hold an outdoor wedding to need what condition?Underneath I do a simple hint:

1.Hold the season of outdoor wedding.
Peking holds the season of outdoor wedding from the beginning of May in every year to mid- September.But the best time is in from mid- May to mid- June and from the end of August to the beginning of September.This two pieces time inside, the weather stabilizes, the sandstorm is small and rain of all lead small.But other time inside, Peking gets into the season of thunder-storm and all probably rains at any time.But can not hold a wedding on time once raining, is the whole money and equipments that the wedding prepares, all probably postpone or steep soup because of the reason of the weather.So the New appointee that gets married at this stage, if consider holding the factor that outdoor wedding must consider first and rain and thunder, safety first, slice and recordresources guarantee

2.Hold the location of wedding.
If is a turf-grass wedding, the principle of the choice of location had better face south, because want to take in the rites.But face north to take of negative light ineffective, is a wedding to shoot to be greatly like to hate.If win election to choose a location in the forest, also want to notice the shadow of tree, don't be at the right moment anti- on the body of New appointee.Take to there is also shadow so.The location wants to choose the place that keeps off a highway and prevent°froms the interference of noise.The restaurant that the wedding location wants to leave to have a meal doesn't have to be too far, in case the guest walks very long road, especially old man.Certainly, wedding on that day if is a cloudy day, that is the best, then avoided suddenly and violently basking, and then didn't rain, returned benefit in take.

3.Had better there are satge and background.color series

The satge isn't necessarily very big and go around and then go.The background of the satge behind had better be as just about as the width of satge, satge and background have to be fitting and proper with the landscape of surroundings, can choose that the yarn drapery does background, fresh flowers door, the road leads of decoration.But I severely suggest embellishing of need not purple yarn drapery and yarn drapery, as for why, because that isn't the color that gets married to use.

4.Want to prepare that the power of stereo set system(the equipments works well to defend rain work) stereo set has to be a little more heavy, is 44 Capes that sound box distribute in the assembly hall at least.Because the situation of wedding at spaciously, the transmission of voice didn't cover, the stereo set power is getting smaller, ineffective.

5.Want to prepare the guest's chair.(Ready to wipe the dish cloth of chair, use after raining) want to prepare a chair according to the guest's number, but in advance certain with the place own beat to receive so much, because the chair probably produces breakage to the lawn.Don't appear the problem of claim after wedding.It wants to notice the problem of environmental protection in the process of wedding.(If have a meal on the scene in the wedding, also need to prepare the collections tube of table and cutlery and discard)

6.Want to prepare a changing dress of bride.If have a meal in the place to hold wedding, prepare for bride to change dress of location.Have no chambered words, can make use of the behind of satge background, round a cabin, change clothes.In have to there is the tools and implements of disguise etc. is such as the mirror.Can also make use of automotive space to change dress.

7.Ready to an ample umbrella back up, if insist at carefully light rain or break and hold a wedding in continuous rain, at least give photographer, take a picture teacher, the stereo set teacher prepares an umbrella, and still needs to prepare to beat the personnel of the umbrella for them.They have no way Teng to make moves to beat their own umbrella in the wedding.LED light lighting corresponds

8.The wedding place that had better there is back up, prepare at rainy of time use.Above all speeches is fully all New appointees that aim at to hold an outdoor wedding to hint at 1:00, the New appointee is mentally once choosing an outdoor wedding, being willing make very enough preparation.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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