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The United States travels 6 turning points tired dizzy visitor low price the United States swim to need to be watched out for
The United States is one of the most popular tour divine spots in summer vacation, this opened to travel time not to grow nationally to draw on large numbers of Chinese visitors to go to to China.The American regiment registers middle age and old people to contain not small comparison, but they usually can not stand because of the physical strength to in a hurry walk Ma Guan's flower.noodles anticipates

The reporter understands, the United States swims a market to open for just short several years, but the normal regulations product can not satisfy all visitor's needs currently.The visa is difficult, the turning point is long, self-provided item the feeling of mostly many visitors.

The turning point 6 times sight-sees a tired dizzy visitorchoose wedding

"My mama all at last could not walked anymore and got to tourist spot can the Xie write."Ms. Zhao took a mother to register to take part in American east west coast 14 antenna roads lately and midway and totally took 6 airplanes, was also a long distance bus to jolt on the road.All the way be get on the car a sleeping and get off to take photo.Walk till the last for several days, the old woman a little bit could not stood and got on the car a sleeping and got off don't want to walk as well, connect Ms. Zhao also feels that the physical strength cans not stand up by himself/herself.

The regiment contains not low fee in the this route of travel of Ms. Zhao, but among them the self-provided item still reaches to more than 20 items more.Although can from choose, self-provided all of majority in the item are classic the United States view areas, the nonappearance very pitiful.For example grand canyon part in Colorado's sight-seeing is USD 310 for a day|person;Mostly will museum and empire mansion are USD 50|person;New York and Los Angeles and pull Si Wei to add Si to visit each USD 60 for night|person ……all calculate down, everybody self-provided item wants to spend USD 1000 more again on the average.Ms. Zhao tells a reporter, the key is the United States to swim time very nervous, calculate self-provided item can in a hurry walk as well Ma Guan the flower rush toward another location again, majority of time all flower on the road.

The old people isn't suitable for "sweep blind swim"important point

For Ms. Zhao and the mother's career in American tour, travel agency relevant personage tells a reporter, the normal regulations American regiment is an east west coast plus 14 antenna roads in Hawaii, the journey is very hard.Some circuits still plused within 14 days Canada, swim a distance Be getting more tired more.Is this kind of is inside the industry called to do the tour regiment of "sweep blind regiment", the old people register a comparison but is higher, not a few register old people even over 80 years old.Travel agency is candid in saying that a lot of visitors embrace the mindset of "probably during a lifetime go to United States" and want to look over all tourist spots, but actually the road is very tired to have fun also dissatisfied.The travel agency also wants to develop the one more depth in the United States swim a product, but end also sell not to go out because of visitor"do not recognize".

This industry insider tells a reporter, in the route of travel of American east west coast, really need many turning points, this because compared with Europe, the luck dint in the United States is limited.Only beautiful three United States airlines uniting a sail and reaching the United States and AA currently can accept a Chinese visitor, the service amount is few.The country sail also has an American service, but it is subjected to restriction in inshore circuit in the United States.Therefore, leaving for a beautiful tour turning point many processes isn't too little.

In addition, the reporter understands and leave for beautiful old people inside the regiment to there is high need in the tourist spot, but the medium youth visitor has high need to the shopping.Arrived a shopping to order, the young visitor hurtled to buy luxury goods, while the old people may feel to have a little boredom.

The United States swims to need to be watched out for with low price

The reporter understands to°from a few large travel agencies, is more similar than American east west coast 14 days of normal regulations circuit offer much above 20,000, industry insider said, because the American round ticket discount isn't high, if the regiment fee was lower than 15000 dollars to need to be watched out for.

Related industry insider tells a reporter, report American regiment a is see whether the price is in the market average level and lead lowly Be about to watch out for.Also need to see a route of travel arrangement in addition in whether the free activity time is more.If the free activity time much may mean that the arrangement of self-provided item is also a little bit many.

"Do not feel money flower the little place walk much be earn, see tour quality."For body not so good old people, industry insider doesn't suggest that it takes part in the American east west coast long line to swim, the report regiment should also as far as possible have sons and daughters to accompany, and need to purchase offshore medical treatment insurance and rescue product.Rush about with journey and walk Ma Guan the flower compare with, a ground of short line swims a product and even has a quality guarantee.The domestic broke through Hawaii to sail directly this year, the old people canned be more to choose that a ground of depth with quality swims a product
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