Ao Ba Ma's economic policy

Criticize the Ao Ba Ma's economic policy

In the United States, declared three to choose 2012 American presidential campaigns just on Saturday of get gram gram in the Sa Si state eparch ·wear in runs for an election activity in Iowa on Monday, criticize the Ao Ba Ma's economic policy, and mean that oneself will be "1 kisses an economic president".The core chip

Texas the eparch wears an inside to proclaim on Saturday will take part in 2012 presidential candidate inside Republican party party of election after, then and tirelessly launched election activity.Wear an inside to mean when Iowa solicits votes on Monday, oneself will be 1 to kiss an economic president.

Eparch in Texas wears an inside:"I am 1 to kiss economic eparch, I can't feel sorry for this, I be also 1 to kiss an economic president, let American afresh of arrive a work, is our nation faces currently most seriously of problem."

51-year-old wear an inside to win an election vice- eparch in 1998, take over little Bush in 2000, serve as Texas eparch, and be in a row 3 times served another term later on.Wear an inside between each tenure, in order to Texas increase 1,000,000 work opportunities, the supporters call this economic performance as "Texas miracle".Wear an inside to criticize Ao Ba Ma while making a speech, think the restriction that he should reduce a government to the business enterprise.electric appliance

Eparch in Texas wears an inside:"This is that I will speak with him:President Sir, you have to relieve the employers of nation to create a work post.Throw away those policies that strangle American employment opportunities.This nation the liberation come out from those ruleses that make the person suffocate."

There is a critic pointing out, wear an inside at Texas the opportunity created is mostly all work of low income, so he can for in working problem win the trust of votes will be the key that he runs for president's success or failure.Ao's expecting a horse will also go to Iowa to take part in an activity later on.20 Gao Guan of company stir-fries favour
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All time is no time when it is past.

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