Imagine oneself

Imagine oneself as the favorite woe
Last night the good friend of an university inside hair the QQ got off the heart his persecution to me, originally he from thought that a girl liked him, hence have already immediately vindicated to that girl, as a result change come of not only was a brush-off, but also lost the opportunity of doing the common friend.I helplessly comfort him:"The next time doesn't be getting more imagine oneself as the favorite."Unexpectedly he but counter-question a way:"You didn't lead imagine oneself as the favorite."Hear his Jie responsibility, I am getting more silent and hold the hand of cellular phone also not from Zhan once.Yes, although I am just 20 years old,these years learn a Ya life again ever be not at imagine oneself as the favorite mid-degree lead of!

That year ascends a beginning two, leave now also already 56 years, can little male of that kind of heart that feel attracted also silently bloom in that blooming flower season.In order to being one time at the beginning, we are a language teacher teaches, although different class of, because of each other of the result is all highest rank in the class of, not from is compared in each other class by a teacher.Hence we knew that each other class has such a person.Probably the world really decrees by destiny so one thing, beginning two school begins soon, we have to know to divide at a class, afterwards several through adjust, we incredibly sit to front and back.Just started we discussed study and afterwards discussed a super female, NBA etc..Because the long time gets along with, I discover that I gradually fancied at present this girl, although is one time at the beginning, I hear she and we the class is an in love that the very very naughty boy talks, that love her heart occupied body.Until one day ……

"What kind of girl do you like?"should be expectant

"I like to be like your girl of this kind of type, result good, the temper is again so good, that what type of boy do you like?"

"I also like to be like your boy of this kind of type ……"

Probably this is also me to her vindicate, but I imagine oneself as the favoritely 1 that is also her for vindicating me.

For the sake of her, I chose up and late self-study and chose that the endless night road that oneself rides the bicycle career half for hour at the midnight hurries home, but at least in my eyes, with she together those three hours of self-study were the most happy last night.Can evening of that summer night but next have storm ……

"You tonight last night self-study?"She sees me standing in the hallway to daze and then walking up.

"I am also very hesitant, the sky seemed and rained heavily."

"That did you prohibit to have up and late self-study?"

"Want ~only you up, I up."modern marriage

Last night self-study process in

"Rain rains so greatly, you hurriedly return to, otherwise treat a meeting under rain of larger, the go is bad walks."

"Be free, does the self-study probably and late later on don't descend?"

"That I walk, will you walk?"

Silent after a short while, I firmly answer to"walk"


Probably this is me to her persist!But I imagine oneself as the favoritely think that am her care to me.

Very quick beginning two happy times ended, beginning three we the class be unfortunately dismissed, the members are all assigned other class of, I originally hope I can again divide to a class with her of, probably is a predestination already exert, we separate.However, love her heart to urge I everyday night self-study the front all seek her, we stand together hallway up, hope the scenery of school through the window, say that none of both parties understands of words.Until one day ……

"Do you know?I sit at the same table to like you."I sat at the same table to find out me to say his worry to me yesterday, hence I vindicated for him behind his back, although it is said oneself's in the mind wasn't a taste very much.

"In fact, I have favorite of, I have been canning not forget him, although it is said he spends heart very much, I still keep liking him."

Hear this, my facial expression's becoming Is can not imagine, but I am still strong to smile ground to say:"In fact I also pretty like you."

"I have been regarding as you my best friend, can say sincere talk of that kind of!"

"What name does that boy whom you like call?"

"His name and China found a nation one of ten great commanders similar."

", He and I are early one classmates."Give me a distance

After Gao Kao ends, my mother knows there from her mother that she fell in examination, and prohibit to fully review.Pass a past that sits at the same table, I wanted her cellular phone number and delivered a few messages to her with each other, and her end tail said a sentence:"Don't forget me."Original I also want to tell hers like this, can afterwards I give her the message of the hair she returns none.

The winter vacation returns to a house, I go shopping together with mother and walk to the front of her mother's booth, the mother seemed to be suddenly to thought of what, once turned a face to say to me:"Do you know?Lee**get married."Hear this me shocked, quickly ask:"When?""BE about October!Her none of daddies agrees of, but she insists on ……"October leaves I receive her" doesn't want to forget me"of message more than a months, leave the message that she doesn't return me no longer than a month.

Afterwards have no afterwards, understand everything, included my imagine oneself as the favorite.

Whenever I think of this things of the past, I will think of as well comfortable of 《do not lose Mo Wang 》, nothing but I than host's work in the novel more the woe is just.The Lai receives to give man to say:"The merriment easily dies, the sorrow is difficult to forget."But that kind of is imagine oneself as the favorite the woe always halt in my blooming flower season under go to, until now, without regrets of imagine oneself as the favorite became a scenery of that years.

Once hid a be named 《in fact none of us was a prince 》 of novel, the end tail wrote such a words:"At our childhood, youth, the middle ages all think that oneself is a prince, until afterwards just understanding small dwarf is so many, while the prince only have 1, you had to once think in fact none of us is a prince."Certainly we have no necessity go to from vulgar, but have much time the excesssive self-confidence to usually bring about a tragedy.

Have a kind of woe call imagine oneself as the favorite, there is host's Mr. that a group of persons call this tragedy.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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