100 divide 100 Americans

American Upper House decides on the 27th and unanimously grants incumbent Luo house in commerce secretary Hui to serve as the United States' ambassador to China, from that time on Hui in the Luo house complete all official procedure and formally become a first Chinese descent in American history to halt China ambassador.The LED patent fights

Closes a Chinese descent American for ever since that time a few months, Hui in the Luo house will soon take a post the news of the United States' ambassador to China to spread, the many people Be surprised to shout the United States in in the wake of way of doing of more than 100 year agos and promote "with China system China".

Late pure seasonal changes, China is frail, great powers wreath Ci, cast covetous eyes on, divide bean Pou, the autumn of race life and death alive or dead.Because Chinesely the adult is many, extremely difficult manage, the great powers hand is limited, hard up for cash, hence appoint Chinese management Chinese, maintenance great powers benefits, call "with China system China".

Understand what call"with China system China", know to take a post Hui in the Luo house to halt China ambassador to say into "with China system China" that obviously leading Yu isn't appropriate.China isn't the colony semi-colony any more today, Hui in the Luo house doesn't do Chinese governor, and he is just the representative director of American diplomacy organization, is the guardant of benefits of the United States at R.O.C.talented person of LED

Although"with China system China" leads Yu not appropriate, but this parlance is accurate to expose a some people's Cold War thinking and victim's mindset.Go to today in 21th century, they still keep being divided into two poles of worlds and treat the United States as China of hostile a square, or treat China as a minority a square.

In fact and regardless test various history or reality, although Central America of have rift to contain conflict and have been already exchanged blows as well,also have a source to far flow long comity.The war against Japan period was exactly the United States to give China fight the invading army a sincere emollient help.Chen Na De's Special Duty Unit , helps China to give the Japan's Imperial Army fight by emollient air and did for the victory of China major contribution, the Special Duty Unit (SDU) then paid huge sacrifice.

After the reform opens, the United States is one of the main colleagues of outside China Mao, the reform of China more than 30 years can include the report card in nowadays, to a great extent that support in dependence the United States.

Today that deepens day by day in the globalization, Central America of the association of Be getting more extensive and multifarious, the mutual dependence deepens day by day, you in have me, I in have you.Today's China-U.S. relations far from enemy, but colleague.Regular authorization

So now, we have no reason to treat the United States' ambassador to China as spy a similar enemy, regardless is who to is an ambassador, we should welcome him.

Come to a Chinese descent American to is an ambassador, in addition to having news value, he is really probably more easy and Chinese communicate, exchanges, more history and culture in apprehensibility China is undoubtedly a good matter.

Hui in the Luo house represented a Chinese descent to struggle a successful model in the United States, is a realization the Chinese posterity of "American dream", are that the worth Chinese are proud.But we Hui in the Luo house is welcome, not only because his body boudoir drips the blood of Chinese, and because of the importance of the China-U.S. relations.

Although Hui in the Luo house is a Chinese descent,he has already said understandly, he represents an American benefits and supports an American benefits, he is an absolute American.This kind of declaring probably will make much Chinese disappointment frustrated, but this is expressing that he is qualified United States

Ambassador don't replace reasonableness by feelings.Same of, we make contact with with Hui in the Luo house in aftertime of in the process, destining can't be Bon voyage, at this time have to also follow can not replace a rational principle with feelings.Early ex- Hui in the Luo house once returned to set mountain in Guangdong to do obeisance Zu, the Chinese gave him the reception of the tallest specification, the manner respected also well, haltered feelings let it be, but could not consequently sink into the mirage of "oneself person" ability not from pull out.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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