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LED lighting in green ecological trend came into the historical stage
Business dressAt present there are about 10000000000 incandescent lighting, they consumed approximately 1/5 of the world's energy. With the current" go green" ecological trend, in order to save energy, many people are looking for ways to save our earth. Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and other renewable energy power generation is building, used to replace coal and steam such harmful environmental way.

Another saving energy alternatives through smart grid and smart system uses less energy, only need to consume energy. The lighting system, LED combined with intelligent * * circuit appears to be a promising method, can be used to solve the problem of high energy consumption. LED, or solid-state light source ( SSL ) protocol, energy consumption is about 1/3 of the incandescent lamp, they are more efficient use of energy. The manufacturer has such solution.Three-button sui

Incandescent lamp still continue to dominate the residential landscape lighting, although they are inefficient, and only a small part of energy conversion for light. The rest of the energy through the glass as heat waste and disappeared. As a result of, the incandescent lamp efficiency is very low, they are in many of the world's Guo Jia has begun to be eliminated. Australia and Venezuela in present stage in a leading position, the United States from 2012 through 2014 to start this thing. Energy saving lamps ( CFL ) have started to use, they save a family of power consumption of 25%, while generating less heat. In fact, a 20W energy-saving lamps and 75W incandescent light bulbs are the same brightness of light.

Consumers from incandescent to energy-saving lamps conversion is in 1990 time end, to the city and town people offer discount mechanism induced transformation. To attract consumers is" going green", realize the bill on the cost savings. However, which for many people is not always a positive experience, for example, they hope to dark, and the energy-saving lamp can not through regulating brightness, energy saving lamp containing a small amount of mercury, is required for the proper treatment of hazardous substances. Many of the light bulbs will be recycled and disposed of properly, but most were buried to a landfill, it will cause the pollution of groundwater. Energy saving lamp using rate is very low, in the United States is estimated to only about 11% of the families. In the past 5 years of energy-saving lamp technology has greatly improved, but it is still not optimal solutions.Business workers

Semiconductor lighting ( SSL ) technology to commercial and residential market LED lighting equipment is increasing rapidly. Commitment and long service life, luminous effect is better, and more energy, these are LED to replace incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp main factors. LED only need to consume its predecessors incandescent energy 1/3. It can make full use of the intelligent * * and micro controller, to really bring additional energy saving and economic benefits, is the real" green" technologies. Some experts expected, in less than a year, the majority of consumers are willing to use the LED lighting.

The next few years, the lighting industry will be in the lighting in the history of usher in a crucial moment, in the EU Guo Jia, Canada, Brazil and many states will take measures to make the incandescent light bulb from the market exit. The United States local utilities have started to introduce the LED lamp incentive plan, which will accelerate the speed of LED lighting. These incentives will compensate for the consumer to buy new light of the high cost, it is about five times the cost of the energy saving lamp.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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