Micro-blog marketing a shady

Everyone is jealous of her
Just a lot of people also consider how to imitate the VANCL style when last year with vigour and vitality, we also created an Internet communication miracle. This time, we choose Sina micro-blog episode a Huang Xiaoming for her filming commercials, 3 hours get twenty thousand transponders. Huang Xiaoming in a commercial console oneself with soothing remarks about" not acting", and finally, the word is read out cavity round the sentence" noisy too set of" original pronunciation: Not at all. The phrase" no victory. Hold on, means everything" is touched now confused, helpless and desire the success of young people.
Many cultural celebrities to forward, the ad copy to give a high evaluation, more of Huang Xiaoming's bravery with warm applause. Eventually, this advertisement in micro-blog on forwarding number is broken through 140000, that is to say the 140000 friends are likely to watch the commercials, including many celebrities have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans. The ad that reviews reached more than 8000, predict Sina micro-blog station will comment on more than 80000, which is at least 80000 people share their impressions of this advertisement. More than 3000 independent publishes the advertisement's micro-blog information, has a direct impact on their respective or scores of or tens of thousands of fans.
The communication effect, might make any broadcaster feels jealous. After all, according to statistics from the television ratings in the audience, how many people are there in the advertising time to go to the toilet, or go for a cup of tea, or being AWOL? Set up Company How many people can seriously after watching a television advertising films, even after repeated on several times? Moreover, television advertising could receive so many vivid evaluation, also get so many celebrities. These opinion leaders praise, let an advertising persuasion is a sharp improvement.
Such a huge volume of forwarding, about 80% occur in the advertisement issued within 24 hours. That the ad was around 10 in the morning from micro-blog issued, 3 pm Taobao sellers activities was a big seller cited as a case, and has been in many people's positive response. You know, it was at about one thirty in the afternoon began, from 10 to one thirty in the afternoon, not in Beijing on the time stuck in traffic, most also is 3 hours, became share case!
In the repeated success in all, micro-blog and SNS as the main carrier of the social media marketing has become a hot topic. A lot of people on social media marketing expectations is gain ten thousand percent, even unrealistic. Yes, the enterprise has any unrealistic dissemination target, must find a marketing agent is patting chest to say: my bag down. And, and the traditional media, Internet social media not only strong interaction, communication speed, communication cost is low, more important is all this can be accomplished by data evaluation. Because of this, the enterprise feels more social media is safe and reliable, look at those numbers will feel at ease.
The numbers behind the secret
In enterprises eager eyes, social media" effect" digital rising. This reminds me of a friend in about a year ago to say one thing.
He has also done to promote the network, in a bid for rival, commitment to customers to hundreds of millions of times browse. The customer is very fond of his creativity, and asked him if he could also promised to hundreds of millions of times browse. In the eyes of customers expect, he eventually decided to abandon the bid. I think, if the friend's rival to her old promise" hundreds of millions" browsing, may be the boss Chen kicked out of office?
I would never deny social media value, also won't deny digital evaluation of social media is the important means of. However, to recognize the number of true and false is very important. In fact, social media by the numbers, it sometimes can also use digital lie.
by fashiongirl | 2011-07-19 16:04

All time is no time when it is past.

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