dropping risk smaller

The Chinese economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller
Statistics a spokesman from news in bureau prosperous to carry to mean, from current and aftertime a period see, the Chinese economy increases of the motive is still more sturdy, the economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller.

News office in State Department certainly does news to release hall to hold to release at the news of 10:00 A.M. July 13, 2011 at State Department meeting, invite nation statistics spokesman from news in bureau, national economy comprehensive statistics department the department chief is prosperous to carry introduction this year first half year of national economy movement circumstance, and answer a reporter to ask.mainly is divided

The current economy increases to soon have to slow down, but the commodity price create a problem that new high that has ever had will can't meet economic Zhi bulge concerning China, the spokesman from news in statistics bureau is prosperous to carry to mean, most core of still how treat the movement situation and trend problem of current Chinese economy.

From first half year of of the main index sign data sees, though part of economic index signs have to drop,the total movement situation of Chinese economy is good at present, the economic growth continues from ex- expect the policy stimulate of be partial to a quick growth to have a preface change to the independent growth.

First, the mainly economic index sign still keeps steady to increase a little bit quickly, GDP is from last year three quarter, degree 9.6%, the four seasons degree 9.8% till this year the quarterly degree is 9.7%, two quarters, the degree is 9.5% and see from this circumstance, continuously for four quarters the degree economy increase a soon basic stability between 9.5%-10%.This economic growth speed is more opposite than the development target established by"25" programmings, and comes up to see from each international level of nation, this increases soon not low.First half year of fixed assets investment's increasing is soon 25.6%, from second half year of last year, were also four continuous quarter's degree fixed assets investments to increase soon the stability was about 25%.The society consumes retail price total amount, first half year of increase on the average is 16.8%, is also that four continuous quarter degrees increase soon stable about 17%.Gold market in London

See from the real economy, the scale above industry's increasing a value is also four continuous quarter's degree basic stabilities about 14%.Sees from the employment circumstance, first half year of the index sign working is also keeping on the improved, this year 1-5 month, the town adds an employment number over 5,000,000, two quarter, degree the number that goes out farmer work continues to increase on the foundation of quarterly degree, so employment is at stable of increment.From the growth the index sign of the quality to see, the profits of the scale above industrial business enterprise increases 27.9%, the reflection increases quality still higher.

The second, though the part main economic index sign appeared some times to adjust in the two quarters degree, also mainly is adjust the result for controling on one's own initiative and is also a part to stimulate a policy to withdraw a later market of a kind of normal reflection.Before after expecting to the subsidy policy that the car sells cancel, and parts of pedestals in city the car limit buy a policy and automotively sell quantity this year, the sale amount of money of the quota above car increases soon and together compare drop more than 20 percentage points.The real estate adjusts to control to also result in the certain influence on the sale of related product and just released of in the data, the sale sum of furniture, some sale amount of moneys of materials including to have some a building materials and repairing all compared to will appear 1 to obviously drop last year same period.This is to stimulate a policy to withdraw later of normal reflection, be like one personal running, can not always the acceleration is sprinting, he has to put slowly and once footstep, for the sake of hereafter run betterly.

The third, from current and aftertime a period see, the Chinese economy increases of the motive is still more sturdy, the economy increases soon fast- dropping risk smaller.Seeing from investment, this year BE"25" of open the year of bureau, the aggressive of place investment is higher everywhere, is just releasing there is an index sign in the data, place investment of increase soon is 28.1%, this speed is still higher.The growth speed of first half year of folks investment is 33.8%, this speed is more significantly high than national fixed assets on the average increase soon, this explains that this market invests growth velocity by himself/herself quicker.

First half year of city country residents' income continues to increase, this will also raise consumer real strenght.In the meantime society guarantee and consume the environment is continuing to improve, will also raise consumer tendency.The import and export increases soon although is the range dropping is a little bit bigger, 20% or so speed is still not low currently of, because the cardinal number in last year is higher, and first half year of surplus 44,900,000,000 dollars is stabilizing augmentative.China still keeps being placed in the boost phase of industrialization and urbanization, three harness horse the motive of the car and the spaces of the growth still compare bigger.Moreover, structure adjustment and development method change everywhere, include the step of industrial upgrading at speed, this will also continuously give economy to increase new vitality and motive.So Chinese economy in the future a period of time of increase still or keep stable to increase, to this kind of situation I am to be full of confidence.

The fourth much changes in international situation complications, the domestic macro view adjusts to control the circumstance that two difficult problems increase under, Chinese economy's keeping steady to increase a little bit quickly is very not easy, also very fantastic.This explains that the mindset of the macroscopic economic policy of China is correct, macro view's adjusting to control is emollient, also effective.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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