Benefit opposition

Benefit opposition faction west the line push forward to get close to desire in the capital city directly and quickly to cut off the card firm thin important supply line
Armed 6th local time of Libyan opposition faction at arouses with government soldier post-war, seized a southwest in the Li wave of capital city village is about the 100 kilometer per and thus leads to the target of strategic main route that the card ties thin political power"heart" and exceeds toward the control further.

According to 《of Li wave inside post 》report way, fight a cent from the day dawn beat ring, anti- government armed play to act on the offensive with trench mortar and rocket.The card firm thin troops returns shot by"hail" type bazooka.BE arousing to fight after 6 hours, garrison to hope the government soldier of village in card tile is beaten off, about 400 soldiers with armed opposition faction flow out to go into that village, and dynasty the sky blare a gun to show a celebration.Knot's place

Attack and occupy card tile rare village of inside is seen and obtain as the opposition faction of the important military make progress, it armed can on these grounds add toward another key figure inside the Yang push forward.The main trunk highway in the Li wave that add the inside Yang town to at the right moment guard to lead to the place position.

The opposition faction is armed to enounce to capture a non-commissioned officer soldier of a batch of governments and also captured to hope some strategic important positions of neighborhood in card tile and included one to generate electricity station and a water tower.Living to reveal according to a famous doctor of the region, at least 4 opposition faction soldiers are killed, 17 people get hurt.

According to Arabian television station report way, after getting the support of France airdrop weapon and NATO battleplane bombing, the opposition faction is armed to bear from its base of western front rich fill a mountain area, to the card tile of northern side plain region hope a to take to launch aggression.

The armed commanding officer of an opposition faction is bearing to enrich to fill the mountain city Jin Tan to mean, its troops will take the offensive process in the near future in moderate a battle with NATO.NATO battleplane enlarged an air attack last week and destroyed the card firm thin political power fore line of armor strength.

According to the peninsula television station report way, in western front after making military progress, opposition faction control of the class add a west, rice Su pull tower etc. the city hold a catcall expression the celebration harmony aid.Add west in the class, around ten thousand opposition faction supporters go into the street and holdses the anti- card firm thin cartoon and slogan and chant slogans, and someone blares gun regards.Secretion package

Bear rich filled mountain range to extend to the east from the frontier of Libya and Tunisia, ever since that time conflict explosion have been being placed in the control that Libyan opposition faction bears arms bottom.Adding the inside Yang town is to bear rich fill inside the mountain range scope of the last city, the opposition faction seizes this time of hope village to be located on to add in card tile inside 50 kilometers in the west of the Yang.

Add an inside the Yang be still occupied by the card firm thin political power currently, the Li wave of a conjunction inside and city Sa cloth in desert in the south admire of the main superhighway go by way of here.The Sa cloth Harry of the government Arms Control system uses this highway to provide supplies to give to keep to the capital city and other regions.

Bear rich fill a mountain area of the opposition faction armed plan overruns to add inside Yang town, cut off the supply line that the card ties thin political power.And, opposition faction can also with add in the Yang for the base enter hair to the capital city.Attack and occupy to hope in card tile is dynasty this direction exceed the important one step of .The Li wave that the strategic target that the opposition faction bears arms obviously beats in inside.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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