The feeling fastens smoke rain Chiang-Nan
One is lonesome with who tell.Calculate a foreword, always lightly negative.Early know the Ren ground is difficult to work hard for, the regrets kept while being not appropriate.

In addition to romantic decorum, its Nai doesn't even have, fasten a person, don't deliberate on the first, also the Zan eyebrow is thousand degrees.

- Always 《day and night happy 》American women's magazines

Should be the northland is one woman and across the other shore of dream, but is a soul to lead long Chiang-Nan that the dream rounds.Well-dressed ladies, green brick, bluish green water, black ship, oil paper umbrella ……the thoughts and feelings Be wrong to cover up for 1,100 years, tonight in the official records Qing Xie of several plain Jians, flow to drip.My Wen Wan's Qian Quan, loving dearly of Ying bosom, such as smoke rain of Chiang-Nan, fall thick and fast into the sad but beautiful Psalter in my slender finger, the word word Chi Chu, go to tie up Mian.

One curved cold month, the pure Hui orders a point, the Zan eyebrow is thousand degrees, sorrow soft Mou, who understand my deep love how many, that tree red and gorgeous kapok, Chen2 Yuan's remnants falls of facial appearance, Kou awake my You dream, recovered my memory, but was the heart side that I don't dare to easily close to.Push Qi in the heart deep place, look for in spreading of Sung phrase sentence, the interleave folds rare is a looks to flow to turn, the beauty exerts Zun and gets empty to ask for rouge tears and mutually stays to inebriate, when heavy, naturally life long hate water to grow lightly sighing of the east Important part……

Water Xiu green clothes, I look beyond before the window at aloes wood vulture the west of the Lou, I am in confusing Chiang-Nan smoke rain deeply drunk, loiter, but you of figure already gradually go gradually and far, come out fog Ai for cloudy day.But I can be more writing a more thin poem phrase in will come and go of brilliant tie up into one song pipa light resent, sad but beautifully bloom at desolate Chiang-Nan rain night, wait you droopy know return.Remember fondly a style of style all night long, who pity?A feeling word, too thick, too deeply and too the Chi tie up ……

Tender feelings water, the wedding day is like dream, don't hate limits of the earth far, hates to long for shallow.The Zong has full stomach bead Ji, how say with detail my You again the cold Ning chokes of state of mind, again how call to return you leave no track far go to, lost all interest idea Lan?Tonight the fragrant dust full rank, the recollection flutters, I the melancholy of the quarterly, express to write into Yi Yi to palpitate of long book, at elegance of the Xian dust of in the mind purity don't dye;Allow worry to go to heaven as a fairy into Die, in the world of mortals attractively Pian Xian, without restraint rich in hues in the cripple phrase old Que.

One river spring water flow to the east and flow not to exert orchid boat to urge next Liu Ying.The abundant powder tears in the amber wine cup, radiant and extremely keen the whose is faithful the Yu is not.Halt enough, Ning Mou, Sha that, one a life time whole life, the fan inebriates Chiang-Nan, 1 inch longs for, and the affection is ten thousand Qings.The deeply drunk is in the dream and come to of edge, I shine on the loneliness of innumerable twists and turns with the Wan decorative lantern, the purple Mo fragrant car, all empty since then, Ji Ji but go, it is the Gu trip in a predestination to destine.

Even if limits of the earth outside is an overhanging cliff, even if prosperous fall to the utmost tear stain have been dry, I at forget Chuan on, still use the end that the longing of love of one a life time crosses time, for dead silent meet by chance you for these 1,100 years of smoke rain Chiang-Nan, return you are lingered around to heart of deep feeling Lian Yan, stay and wait the breeze more distressed than night in of expect.Hairstyles and headgear

Is my to rob, I don't escape.
by fashiongirl | 2011-06-30 15:30

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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