Yemen president's

Yemen president's the Sa benefit He body gradually the instauration return to country behind or silent resign
Medium wide net Peking June 28 news according to the voice of China 《the Yang wide news 》report way, encountered recently bomb Yemen president of the raid Sa benefit He, will publicly appear within 48 hours according to the report, but officials said, his condition of the injury is replying a dollar and soon returned to country.However the He that wait for Sa benefit in Yemen of, still keep wanting large numbers of demonstrators whom he resignsnotebook LED light.

Yemen president Sa benefit deluxe adviser Su of the He Be thin to say, the Sa benefit He will appear within 48 hours, he the healthy condition is good currently, is recovering, also have to handle a lot of affairs in person, but Su is thin to point out and say Sa benefit the He suffers from a burn outward appearance possibility different from having of the external world expectation.The 69-year-old Sa benefit He is assaulted by bomb in president's mansion on the 3rd of this month and Be forced to leave Yemen to Saudi Arabia to carry on a treatment and have the report way the device that says bomb is in the mosque, close quarter explosion, Sa benefit He whole body at least is have 40% of the skin burn and have news to reveal to say currently, the Sa benefit He will have two to greatly reach agreement a project after returning to country, the first is to hand over to the parliament all powers by himself/herself become have no the name head of state of solid power.At 2:00 be help the coalition government to advance presidential election, he will choose to quietly resign such a methodLED products.

Should be continuously for 5 months in the crowd's anti- government demonstration of Yemen currently, their purposes are also only 1, will beg Sa benefit the He to resign.Capital city and other cities in Yemen all have large numbers of people's gatherings, the people accused the United States and sand to obstruct this revolution especially and thought to need to establish a transition committee to handle power vacuum and wanted in the meantime the He is the Sa benefit a parties of the person also want to expel a government.After 5 months come of long term demonstration, the capital city of Yemen in fact still have a lot of Zhang Pengs is building, everyone is in the demonstration of the remaining emotion also have to alleviate and also have the reporter the report to say and see say them singing a song dancing in the square
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All time is no time when it is past.

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